16 November 2015

FREE PATTERN: Giant hama bead lollipop (perfect for a Katy Perry costume!)

So if you follow me on facebook or instagram you have probably seen my recent Katy Perry costume. Let me remind you...
Anyway I had so much fun making my giant hama bead lollipop I thought I would share the pattern with you in case you ever need a giant lollipop accessory in your life!

You will need one large round and one large square peg board and lots of different colour hama or perler beads.

As the round and square boards can't be joined I just placed very carefully together!

Here is a close up if you want to follow the pattern exactly...

Once I had ironed my lollipop my stick wasn't quite strong enough to hold up the lollipop head so I had to get my thinking cap on...

So I made two extra sticks and stuck one on the front and one on the back using a super glue...

....and lots of pegs to hold it while it dried.

Add a bow and you are set.

I waved my lollipop around all night at my costume party and it is still all in one piece even after letting the kids loose on it over the past few days.

The accessory you didn't know you needed!

Have fun!


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