31 March 2011

Sublime Stitching is still sublime

I have just received the Sublime Stitching newsletter and am reminded how fabulous Sublime Stitching is. So many new funky patterns to hand stitch. I am loving...

Forest Friends (of course)

And what is even more fantastic is you can now buy the patterns as a pdf download.
I am all for instant gratification and impulse buying so this is fantastic. I think I will go for Forest Friends as it also includes a great deer head too.

Or maybe.....

Camping Out I love a good caravan!

What really wanted to say is that they have a great 'how to' section with all the tips and tricks which is well worth the look. There are great tips on transferring patterns onto fabric - I never knew there was such a thing as a Transfer Pen - I will put it on my shopping list.

I want it, I want it, I want it!

Is this not the cutest thing you have ever seen?

Image of Oh My Deer!

This adoarable creature is from The Red Thread and is about 35cm high.
I just love laser cut wood and anything resembling a woodland creature.

Equally cute....
Image of Speech Bubble Brooch

Adorable brooches - write your own message on or have Lisa do it for you.
Find out all about on their blog.

Check out The Red Thread website to take a peek at all the other wonderful creations including softie kits, story book tiles and more.

Like I said I WANT IT ALL!

28 March 2011

Creative Space - Progress!

I had a little frenzy of activity in my new craft/office/storage room yesterday. After weeks of searching online for a retro, funky bookshelf I gave up and in a fit of dispair at seeing my books falling out of boxes sent my hubby off to The Warehouse to but a kitset. He put the shelf together in no time and all and I set to work putting books onto shelves...how hard could it be?????.......

This is about 2 hours worth of work!
I thought I would put the books in colour blocks as I have seen this before and thought it looked great. Clearly I have just purchased the wrong size and colour books in my life because it just wasn't working for me. In my defense I did have my eye on trouble (11 month old) and would have to dash off to chase him around the house every 2 minutes.

The yellow section doesn't look too bad.
Anyway after many hours and many thoughtful comments from hubby {'haven't you finished that yet', 'how long does it take to shove books on a shelf', 'do you want me to do it for you(!)'} I did get a bit more random and threw everything on. I even added my weebles collection from when I was little - I just love the little helicopter and areoplane!

I love this Doiley packaging so much I added it to the shelf!

I have my toy box from when I was little which is full of crafty stuff. On top are some bits and pieces I am working on for Craft 2.0 in April. And a lovely poster from Frankie magazine.

So that is one corner of my craft room complete, I will tackle more of it soon. It is so lovely to have moved from the kitchen table and have a wee space to call my own.

24 March 2011

P.S How to take a screenshot

I love learning new blogging tricks and when I made my last post I had to learn to take a screenshot. Turned out to be ridiculously simple and I am sure you all know how to do it.
But this is the link I found useful.

Cath Kidston Online Magazine

I love checking my emails in the morning over a cup of coffee (a particularly good one this morning!) and finding little gems in my inbox. Today I was not disappointed. I love all things Cath Kidston (just a shame the UK is so far away) and now she has an online magazine...

Lots of gorgeous shabby chic items - I want most of them!
But I particularly love her sewing accessories......

I just love the vintage look packaging for the buttons - the flowers and the shirt are just delightful.
And she has hedgehogs too...we all know how obsessed I am with hedgehogs so I am in good company.

Something else that tickled my fancy.......

This gorgeous tea towel.
I am not much of a Royal follower but this commerative item for Kate & William is just so whimsical!

Rather than show you every page just take a look at the mag here

23 March 2011

The Man Cold

I have been trying to complete a post about cute cupcake papercraft but alas after approx five hours I have conceded defeat because my little boy (11 months) has his first 'man cold' - poor wee poppet, his little nose is all stuffed up and he can't even yell because his little voice is nearly gone.

Here he is pre 'man cold' enjoying some vegemite!
So everything is on hold while I pander to his every whim - I am wondering if this is why men seem to suffer so much with a cold - do their mothers fuss too much? Hmmmmm...

Anyway stay tuned for the paper cupcake tutorial coming soon - it is a really cute project.

22 March 2011

Easter Cupcakes

I have been rummaging through unpacked shipping boxes (from our move last August!!) searching for my Easter decorations and I found these cuties I had forgotten about......

The no calorie alternative these cupcakes are made with plaster so would sit a little heavy in your tummy!
I used latex craft cupcake moulds which I found on ebay a few years ago, I found some similar ones here. The moulds need to be made latex rather than plastic to work well. All you do is pour in plaster of paris, wait a day or two to dry and then paint with acrylic. Would be a great school holiday project for kids. 

Then I have decorated a double cupcake box, I got this one fom The Packaging Place. They have a huge range of cupcake boxes and all kinds of packaging at great prices. It is just as well that I don't live in Australia anymore or my house would be full of packaging. I still have 30 pizza boxes do do something with but I have something in mind for them - I'm thinking a felt pizza toy....I will add it to my craft 'to do' list.

I used to have great fun making and painting these faux cupcakes, I think I might dig out my moulds and have another go.

20 March 2011

Free pattern: Felt Cupcake Brooch

I have been a busy little bee making lots of crafty goodies for Craft 2.0 just take a look at the mess I have made...

Anyway I thought I would share this pattern for a cute little cupcake brooch with you. This is a great project to use all the left over bits and pieces so gather up all your felt scraps and lets begin.....I apologise for the slightly dubious photos in advance!

It always amazes me that something can be made from nothing!
Here is the pdf pattern.
It should be to scale. The finished brooch size is 4.5cm square.

I like to trace the pattern onto card and then trace around the card cut outs onto the felt using a fading facric marker. I usually make 2 or 3 at once this way you don't have to keep re-threading your needle with different colours all the time.

2 brooches in the making.
I have cut out pieces to make 2 brooches, using pinking shears for one and straight edge for the other.
You can use any kind of colour combination - just make use of whatever bits and pieces you have.

Dubious photo #1!!
Using 2 strands of white embroidery floss use whip stitch to sew the bottom of the icing onto the cupcake.

Next just lay all the pieces onto the background to see where they fit.

And while you still have white floss threaded whip stitch the top of the icing onto the top layer of the background.
Then using 2 strands of brown floss whip stitch the cupcake to the background (I did have a photo of this but accidently deleted it!)

Next using 2 strands of blue floss (or whatever colour you have chosen) whip stitch the wrapper to the background around the outside of it.

Next using a fading fabric marker draw lines to make the details of the wrapper. If you don't have a marker just freehand it - I do a lot of the time especially when my marker has run away somewhere.

Use a darker blue thread to stitch the detail just using a random running stitch.

Next add the cherry with red thread - I have attached it using a cross stitch in the middle.

Now it is time to sew the front to the back.

Using 3 strands of a contrasting thread (I am a big fan of brown!) come up through the front of the brooch only (so you can hide the ugly knot).

Then lay the bottom piece underneath the top one and using a running stitch sew the whole way around the brooch. Don't worry about all the stitches being evenly spaced or the same size - random is just fabulous!

Once you reach the end don't stitch through to the back but knot it off on the inside.
Not the greatest photo but hope it makes sense.

Then just add a brooch back - I like to use a contrasting thread (brown again).
If you don't have a brooch back a safety pin will work just nicely.

And there you have it a cute wee brooch!
Try making a bird or a mushroom or a hedgehog brooch too.

I would love to see what fabulous creations you come up with using this pattern.
Send me a photo and I will add it to my photo gallery - leave me a comment and I will contact you with the details.

Happy stitching!

17 March 2011

Toffee Magazine - Issue 2

Issue Two {Forests Friends} is out and it is as fabulous as the first issue!
Visit Toffee Magazine now to get your copy instantly - that's right no need to find a newsagent just pay your $2.99 (AU) and it is yours - I love instant gratification...and it is so good for the environment!

Not only do you get great crafty stories but you get free patterns and printable papers. You can print out super cute recipe cards (I am off to do that next!), and Easter tags and there is a gorgeous wood and moss cupcake stand to create. There are a scrumptious 24 pages of craft!!!

You will love it I promise.

P.S My hedgehpg brooch pattern is on page 49!

Hedgehog Brooch tutorial

You have obviously discovered the fabulous second issue of Toffee Magazine and found my Hedgehog brooch pattern in there. Toffee Mag is only available as a pdf download you won't find it in shops - fantastic for the environment. I am very excited to have one of my crafts in print (so to speak!).

If you have just stumbled upon this tutorial and want to make Mr Hedgehog you will need to grab your pattern from Toffee Mag - only $2.99 (AU). Filled with other fabulous free patterns, printables and great crafting stories you won't be disappointed.

Here we go........

Cut out all your pieces first.
Using a nice sharp pair of scisssors will help with the small bits.

Pin the tummy to one layer of the body and whip stitch
using 2 strands of cream embroidery floss.

Next lay all your pieces onto the body just to make sure they all fit.

Using 2 strands of dark brown embroidery floss use a single cross stitch to secure
the felt pad of the foot on (sorry a little hard to see the cross in this photo!)

Still using 2 strands make 3 French knots above the felt pad to finish of the foot.
Learn how to make French knots here.

Both feet are exactly the same.

Using 2 strands of dark brown embroidery floss make the
little claw details on his paws using single stitches - cute!!

Create his nose by doing a single French knot just as you did on his feet.

Postioning all the bits back on his body again before beginning to stitch them into place.

Stitch his nose on first using 2 strands of light brown embroidery thread and a whip stitch.
Then add 2 French knots for his eyes - you will be a whiz at these knots by now!

Next stitch his feet on as you did with his nose.

And then his paws in the same way.

Now all you need to do is add the back part of the body with a running
stitch using 2 strands or either light or dark floss.

And here he is nearly complete...

Just sew on a brooch back or a safety pin.
As you can see from my handywork you don't have to be too neat because no one will see it!!!!


And well if it is all a bit to hard you can always just buy
a completed Mr Hedgehog brooch here

11 March 2011

P.S Made in France: Sweet Treats

Further to my last post re the new book I must have.......visit the lovely Corrie at retromummy she has just purchased the book and has pictures of the projects inside. Having seen them I really must have the book and I am off to find the best deal on line.

I am justifying this purchase because

a). you can never have too many new craft projects to start - so I keep telling myself (and my hubby!)


b). I could be addicted to worse things - so I keep telling myself (and my hubby!)


I have a list of rather important tasks that I should be doing:

1. Having a huge house clean as Hubby's brother and family from Aus are coming to stay day after tomorrow
2. Stitch, stitch, stitch because I have sooooooooo much to make to take to Craft 2.0 at Easter
3. Decorate and move into my lovely new craft/office/storage space

But what am I doing instead...unpacking boxes. Now we moved into our house approx 6 months so clearly the procrastination fairy has visited me before.

Any hoo while unpacking I found some half finished craft projects (nothing unusual there!)...

Well actually this first one is complete.
It is a fabulous 1950s half apron that I bought on Etsy for $2.50 (US) the design was already printed on it and someone had abandoned stitching it after just completing the beak so I just finished stitching the rest.
I am a bit of a messy cook so I will need to find somewhere to display it rather than wear it I think!

I am quite obsessed with flying ducks so when I saw this canvas on Ebay I had to have it....

This is the colour chart that came with the printed canvas

The printed canvas measures nearly a metre wide and you can see here that I am about half way through.
It is going to look great on my retro 1970s wood panelled walls when it is complete - whenever that might be! It is currently back in the postal tube I found it in. One day.....

And then I found this one....

I love this design (not one of my own unfortunately) as I just love paper dolls.
This pattern is from a great book called Made in France ...

Made in France: Cross-stitch and Embroidery in Red, White and Blue

It features lots of lovely cross stitch and embroidery in red white and blue.
And of course I have stitched my design in two shades of brown!

While searching the net for a picture of the above book I have just discovered a new one by the same author...
Made in France: Sweet Treats in Cross-stitch

I may have to have it!!!!

I have digressed - back to my paperdoll tapestry. I have stitched it onto a rather small piece of canvas and there is not much extra canvas around it to stretch and frame properly so I will put my thinking cap on and next time you see it, it will adorning my sons wall....it is brown so I am sure my hubby won'r mind if it features a doll!!!!!