31 May 2012

Babushka Sampler Giveaway Winners

Why didn't someone tell me I had forgotten to draw my Babushka pattern giveaway!
With a busy toddler and 6 month old who still feeds 3 times a night my mind is not quite what it used to be and I need to write everything on the calendar otherwise I forget them and clearly I forgot to add this to my calendar!

I know I said I would wait for 50 comments before I drew the winners but hey 22 comments is just wonderful and better odds for you to win.

Eager to start
Now I was going to use the random number generator to draw the 3 winners but then I thought why don't I add numbers to a hat and get my son to do it - because there is nothing more random than a 2 year old!

Choosing carefully

Congratulations the winners are....

1.Comment 14 - Meari
2.Comment 12 - Sandie
3.Comment 17 - Becky

Meari & Sandie I found your email addresses so will send your patterns ASAP.

Becky can you let me know your email address, I will leave a message on your blog too.

Thank you to everyone that entered!

21 May 2012

Free Pattern: Felt cube toy for baby

I made this cube for my son more than a year ago and now that I have whipped it out of storage for my daughter I thought I would share the pattern with you.

You will need:

Assorted pieces of felt:
Larger pieces for the sides
Scraps for the pictures
Pinking Shears (if you have them)
Embroidery floss (stranded cotton) in various colours

You can download the pattern HERE

Cut six of the side pieces in different colours of felt.
Cut out 1 of each pattern piece for all the pictures in appropriate felt colours.

Before you start sewing I would recommend laying out all the pieces and deciding which background colours the pictures look best on and the order they will be on the cube.

Sorry I haven't got a step-by-step photo tutorial for this one but I will talk you through each side....
NB: I have used 2 strands of cotton and whip stitch to attach all the pattern pieces.

Cut some freehand  white circles for the mushroom spots and stitch onto the mushroom head.
Stitch the stem to the background.
Stitch the head on.
Stitch the grass on.

Stitch the wing to the body.
Stitch the body to the background.
Stitch the beak on.
Add a French knot for the eye or just a cross stitch if knots aren't your thing!

Stitch the base to the background.
Stitch the top on (I have actually used running stitch here).
Stitch the heart on.

Stitch the body to the background.
Stitch the head on.
Cut some small black circles and stitch to body (I have used a cross stitch).
Add black backstitch for line on the body and antenae (plus 2 French knots on the ends).

Stitch apple to background.
Stitch stalk on.

Cut the body out using pinking shears (if you have them).
Stitch grass onto background.
Attach body to background using running stitch (slightly overlap the grass).
Attach face on.
Add nose and eye details in any stitch you fancy.


I have used blanket stitch to sew the sides together but whip stitch will work fine too.
Join 2 sides together by putting wrong sides together and stitching.
Add another side to the 2 by the same method.
Add another so you have 4 sides forming a square but don't join the final seam yet.

Now start sewing the top one side at a time.
Then sew on the bottom one side at a time.

Now you can stuff with polyfill through the side seam.
Then sew closed.


P.S Hope this makes sense (feel free to ask questions!)

20 May 2012

P.S Facebook button

Aren't you all very impressed that I managed to get the Facebook Like button added to the right handside of my blog......it has only taken me about a week to do it (hope it is working properly).

I am feeling quite proud. I would feel prouder if you 'Liked' my page. Go on, pretty please I feel a bit silly announcing things to just 8 people (most of whom are related to me!).

I promise I will have a facebook pattern giveaway if bribery helps!

Unfinished projects - PROOF

I am still on a mission to finish many half done projects as well as doing something with ALL the completed tapestries I have.

I decided to open ONE of the incomplete project boxes this afternoon and dive in. Here is what I found...

.....EEEEEEEEK! It is no wonder I normally stuff it all back in the box and firmly close the lid.

But I have new resolve and I will finish some projects. I have decided to start with three and here they are dragged to the top of the pile....
Unfinished Audrey
Retro Orange & Brown

Floral Black & White Geometric

I am not exactly sure where to start but stay tuned as I reveal a complete project or 3!!!

I dare you to dig into your unfinshed craft project box and finish one today!!!

19 May 2012

Work in progress - vintage tapestry

I love printed tapestry canvases and am always on the look out for vintage finds at garages sales and op shops. This latest one I picked up at the Mapua Easter Fair. I had to have it because of the deer & the squirrel as I am still obsessed with the whole woodland theme.

Unfortunately I must have accidently deleted the photo of the canvas by itself!!

The trouble with these large canvases is that they are only good framed or made into cushions and as my cushion making skills are not flash I am been thinking of other ways to use them.

As my other current obsession is embroidery hoops I thought I could break up the canvas into a series of hoops and hang them all together.

I started by laying our hoops over my favourite bits but have had to re-arrange a few times as you have to allow a good couple of inches of canvas around each hoop.

I started with the squirrel....

....but because I am trying to use up all the existing cottons I have I wasn't very happy with the colours and he ended up with an orange acorn which I am not happy with so I may unpick a little and then show you a photo!!

Now I am onto the flower...

......and really like the vintage look. I just have to finish the background on this one.

Here it is with the excess fabric tucked behind the hoop....

I am hoping I will see this entire project to the end as I think it could look quite effective hung on the wall together....I will keep you posted.

16 May 2012

This took forever

Always a fan of Sublime Stitching I think these labels are fabulous...Woven Labels - This Took Forever

So appropriate for all my projects which now with 2 kids take me forever to complete.

More cute labels here

14 May 2012

Join my Facebook Page (+ I'm a Facebook Dummy)

Confession time.....I have a Facebook page for Cupcake Cutie and I have no idea how to use it.
I somehow created it through Etsy and have just stumbled upon while on my personal facebook page (which I rarely vist).

Apparently I have created a username to direct everyone to the page which is www.facebook.com/CupcakeCutieNZ

So if you are more of a facebook reader than a blog reader you can Like my page and I will (attempt to) let you know when I have posted a new tutorial, have a giveaway or have restocked my online stores with new stuff.

Bear with me while I get to grips with it and apologies in advance for any randomness that may occur!

If you have any tips on getting the best out of my facebook page I would love to hear them!!

Great online craft books

One of my favourite Wellington stores 'Minerva' is now online!

From their website....

"Unique in New Zealand, Minerva is a dedicated textile bookshop and gallery and offers the widest and most diverse selection of textile and handcraft books in the country. A purpose-built exhibition space hosts stunning exhibitions of quilts and textiles, while a selection of hand dyed threads, handcrafted gifts and beautiful cards completes the shopping experience.

Named after the Roman goddess of wisdom and handcrafts, Minerva is a bright cheerful shop. With friendly and knowledgeable staff led by Anne Scott (founder and Editor of New Zealand Quilter magazine), Minerva stocks an astonishing variety of books and magazines specially imported from around the world.

With around 4000 titles in store at any time, Minerva’s stock includes books on textiles, fashion, craft, quilting, embroidery, surface design, knitting, crochet, felting, weaving, spinning, collage arts, interior design. And if we don’t have the title you want in stock, we are happy to try to source this for you from our extensive network of international suppliers."

400 titles!!!!! it is just as well I don't live in Wellyland anymore but dangerous that they have over 900 books online. These are a few I am coveting....

Check them out you won't be disappointed.

13 May 2012

Happy Mothers Day

I hope all you Mums have been spoiled rotten today and have been relaxing with your feet up.

I received a lovely set of orange coffee mugs (orange is my favourite colour) and some spring onion plants! We had a nice family lunch and the sun come out which was a pleasant surprise.

Hope you had an enjoyable day!

P.S I still had to clean the toilet today - guess you can't have everything!

12 May 2012

A Flying Duck

I have a bit of a 'thing' for flying ducks and designed this pattern a while ago...

I had intentions of stitching 3 onto plastic canvas to adorn my wall.

This is as far as I have got with my stitching...

Yet another unfinished project to add to the collection!

But I have finally managed to add the pattern to my Etsy store if you fancy stitching a duck of your own. Find it here.