19 May 2012

Work in progress - vintage tapestry

I love printed tapestry canvases and am always on the look out for vintage finds at garages sales and op shops. This latest one I picked up at the Mapua Easter Fair. I had to have it because of the deer & the squirrel as I am still obsessed with the whole woodland theme.

Unfortunately I must have accidently deleted the photo of the canvas by itself!!

The trouble with these large canvases is that they are only good framed or made into cushions and as my cushion making skills are not flash I am been thinking of other ways to use them.

As my other current obsession is embroidery hoops I thought I could break up the canvas into a series of hoops and hang them all together.

I started by laying our hoops over my favourite bits but have had to re-arrange a few times as you have to allow a good couple of inches of canvas around each hoop.

I started with the squirrel....

....but because I am trying to use up all the existing cottons I have I wasn't very happy with the colours and he ended up with an orange acorn which I am not happy with so I may unpick a little and then show you a photo!!

Now I am onto the flower...

......and really like the vintage look. I just have to finish the background on this one.

Here it is with the excess fabric tucked behind the hoop....

I am hoping I will see this entire project to the end as I think it could look quite effective hung on the wall together....I will keep you posted.

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