24 July 2011

Felt cupcakes + paper doll buttons going fast!

I am having another drastic clearout - it must be early nesting or something!

These bargains are on trade me.......

Felt cupcakes for pretend play, pincushions or just because they are pretty!

Paper doll face buttons and hairties & Bambi too...

Click here to grab a bargain.

21 July 2011

New addition to Christmas page...

Here she is the new addition to my felt Christmas decoration family...
Miss Festive Babushka

I will add her to my Felt and Etsy stores now (ish!)

Handmade birthday present

Yes I am still here - I thought I should take a wee break from crafting and concentrate on cleaning my house....BORING! I had withdraw symptoms after day one and the craft kept creeping into my day.

I am trying to finish old projects and getting all my items photographed and listed - more about that tomorrow.

Here is a bit of craftiness I snuck in for a very good cause....Miss Harriet's first birthday....
A wee cuddly doll and a cupcake card!
It is so nice to be able to make a present and make it that wee bit special. I loved making the card, I used to do a lot of papercraft and scrapbooking and I remembered how much fun it was to cut up little bits of paper and make a mess!

05 July 2011

$5 and $10 Softie Doll SALE

I am getting really serious about clearing out my craft room.

Just added to my SALE STORE (under my old name Wallflower Design) a bunch of super cute softie dolls at either $5 or $10....

Here is a sneak peak....

Just $5!



Head over here to grab a cute doll now!

04 July 2011

Peg Dolls

Head on over to Small Acorns and take a look at some of the peg dolls - so cute.
If I wasn't voting for my own Miss Ridinghood doll (are you allowed to vote for yourself?) I would be going for Wills and Kate - look at those outfits - fabulous!