30 September 2012

Getting ready for a Christmas market. Part 2

I have been slowly getting organised for my Christmas craft market at the end of November. I started by sorting out all my craft stuff and putting away WIPs that are nothing to do with the market. This has really helped me focus on what needs to be done when I open my craft cupboard.

Meet the newest addition to my Christmas decoration range....

.........'Olive' the Owl. I really fancied doing something non-christmassy and a bit cutesy so 'Olive' was born. I know the whole Owl and woodland thing has been done but I am still deep in my 'Woodland' phase. Next I am whipping up some mushroom decorations to match the theme.

Hope your Christmas stitching is going well

24 September 2012

Vintage Christmas bauble pattern

There is some serious procrastination going on at my house. So I am supposed to be making 'stuff' for my Christmas craft fair and what I am I doing......completing half finished stitching patterns which I sell as pdfs (and obvioulsy won't be featuring at the fair) and giving my Etsy shop a makeover.

Oh well it all needed to be done but perhaps at a later date! I have at least made a few lists and cut a couple of things out...hmmmmm...I work well under pressure.
Anyway if you fancy stitching a retro bauble you can find the pattern here.

22 September 2012

More Bambi anyone?

Yes the Bambi obsession continues...

I have just completed two deer (and dear!) cross stitch/needlepoint patterns to list in my Cupcake Cutie Etsy store.

First there is you guessed it 'Bambi'....

and followed closely by 'Christmas Bambi'.....

They are inspired by vintage Christmas card images and would be perfect stitched onto stockings or framed in hoops. Stitched onto 14" aida 'Bambi' fits a 4" hoop and 'Christmas Bambi' a 6" hoop.

Be the first person to leave a comment and I will email your choice of  either 'Bambi' or 'Christmas Bambi' for free!

21 September 2012

Getting ready for a Christmas Craft Market. Part 1

Yay for me....I've got a table at the Great Christmas craft market!

I love going to craft markets and it has been well over a year since I have been to one.

Now after the initial excitement the panic has set in! 10 weeks to get myself sorted sounds like a lot of time but not when you have 2 kids to keep fed, entertained and out of trouble.

So I am approaching this venture in a very sensible and organised manner (for once!). So bear with me as this post is really me thinking out loud.

First up I pulled out all Cupcake Cutie stock left over from previous markets to see what I had...

This is just some of what I found so I think it is a good starting point. Now I don't really want to use all of this as I quite like to have some kind of theme that ties everything together and I like to have at least 5 of every item as it displays well. So everything I have only one of is staying at home, unless I particularly like it and want to make more.

Being a Christmas market I definitely want to focus on my felt decorations....

These gingerbread houses have been my best sellers for a couple of years so they are keepers. I really fancy making a pink candy version of the 3D house so that is on my consideration list.

I also have a few needlebooks and pincushions left over. Not sure about including these or not. The square needlebooks (shown in the main picture) have always been popular but to be honest I am a bit bored of making them so if my heart is not in it they won't turn out well.  I think the hedgehog needlebooks I will take as I already have 5 of them and this hedgehog of mine seems to appear in all my items so it keeps the theme running.

Mr Gingerbread Man....Yes, he is a big seller so I will definitely have to make at least 10 of him.
I think I will do some slightly different version though, change the colour of the hearts and frills just to add variety. By the way if you want to make Mr Gingerbread Man for yourself you can find the free pattern and tutorial here.

Right so these are my first thoughts and I need to start writing lists of what definitely needs to be made and then I can start the fun part....ordering supplies!!!!

Stay tuned for Part 2 of my Christmas Craft Market preparation. If you have any tips or opinions on what I should make I would love to hear them.

Can I leave you with this question......Do you like sale/bargain bins at a craft market or do you think they detract from the 'good stuff'?

17 September 2012

Free Gingermelon doll pattern

I have serious craft envy when it comes to Gingermelon Dolls. Shelly creates the most devine, exquisite softie doll patterns, I love all of them but particularly the Halloween ones, especially the mummy.

I follow the Gingermelon blog and in Shelly's latest post she has a free doll pattern you can download.

Just too cute! So take advantage of this wonderful offer. I am going to download and print the pattern and add it to the 'When both kids are at school I will have time to make all of these things' folder.

Thank you Shelly for sharing one of your gorgeous patterns!

Tutorial: Iron on transfer Christmas decoration

Time for a tutorial...hopefully it will inspire you to make use of your forgotten transfers.

This ornament is inspired by my recent purchase of a vintage Xmas transfer book (refer previous post!). I thought this little guy was adorable and the perfect size for a felt decoration for the tree.

Being an old book first I tested the sample transfers (not something you will often find me doing!) onto different coloured felts to see if it which colour it would show up on. I opted for this caramel as it was sort of a 'deer' colour.

TIPS: With vintage iron on transfers you will probably only be able to get one image from each transfer so make sure you make good use of it! Use a sheet of baking paper between transfer and iron if you are using acrylic felt otherwise it goes all hard.

If your piece of felt is big enough pop it into a hoop to make it easier to stitch ......

...and then get started using any colour and stitch that takes your fancy.

Here is Rudolph in all his glory.

Remove your finished design from the hoop (if you have used one) and here I have drawn a circle around the image using fading fabric marker to use as a guide for cutting.

I could have just left it round and added a back to complete the ornamnt but I decided I wanted another layer of colour.
I cut a free hand scalloped edge around my design and then lay in on different colour felt until I decided bright red was the winner.

Find something round to draw around. This drinking glass was the perfect size. I traced out cut two circles.

Next I pinned Rudolph on and marked where my French knots were to go. Running stitch would be just as cute if you are not a fan of knots!

All knotted up and ready to go!

Next choose your ribbon for the hanging loop and cut to size then start blanket stitcing the two red circles together remembering to catch your hanging loop with the stitching to keep it in place. Whip stitch would work just as well too.

And there you have it a new hand made decoration to add to the Christmas tree this year.

This project has definitely got me into the Christmas crafting mood and I think their will be a distinct deer theme this year as well as gingerbread houses because I just love them too.

Happy Xmas crafting!

15 September 2012

Gorgeous cross stitch stamp

As an avid compulsive stitcher I think this rubber stamp is just devine.....

Rimu "Cross-stitch heart" stamp in linen bag

You can find it in the online shop of Hommage.

Just love it...nothing else to say!

13 September 2012

Come back craft mojo!

Over the past few weeks I thought my craft mojo had up and left, hence why there has not been much of interest to blog about.

Usually I have so many projects on the go and I am jumping from one to another and itching to start a new one. But alas lately I have felt very lacklustre in the creative department.

The kids, hubby and I have had cold after flu after cold after flu and a cough that just will not stop and I am blaming that and the incessant rain for draining my creativity.

But today the sun came out.....hooray...here is a picture to prove it...

The kids and I went for a long walk and then played outside....and look in the background the washing is actually hanging on the line instead of draped across the lounge and furniture!

Then I went to the letterbox and I had mail...and lo and behold there was a package that contained my craft mojo. Well actually it was 3 pattern books!

I had been online looking for retro stitching patterns and came across a lady who was having a clearout and she had some great stuff. Check out this vintage Christmas transfer book...
This is fabulous, I love how you iron the crosses onto the fabric and stitch over the top. I am definitely starting with the deer silhouettes...we all know how obsessed with Bambi I am.

Actually this book is going to be the jumping off point for my Xmas range this year...and hopefully I will have time to get some decorations and hoop art made to stock my Cupcake Cutie store in time for the festive season.

Next an adorable Japanese mini doll book...
I love Ondori craft books (I have a few for sale in my other shop here) and this one is devine. Check out all these little dolls, their expressions and outfits. I am thinking they would make great Christmas decorations. Who do I stitch first...Red Riding hood, Butterfly, Dragonfly, Dwarf...I might get my son to decide...he will probably pick the giraffe.

Last but not least a Greek DMC cross stitch pattern book. Full of demonic looking bunnies and squirrels - I love it!

Also some gorgeous retro borders that I am sure I will use on something one day.
This one has a name on it .,..Aspasia Simeonidis. I love second hand books with peoples names on them. I wonder who Aspasia Simeonidis is and what she/he stitched from this book and how did this book end up half way across the world in NZ?

Anyway so now I am champing at the bit to get started on some new projects, and I know my mojo is back because I will be starting on several at once - one from each book of course, I am definitely back to my creative self!

Have you ever lost your craft mojo? How did you get it back?