29 September 2010

Christmas Cross Stitch!

It is beginning to look a lot like Xmas..........and I am trying to get organised early this year.

I have stitched this cute xmas russian doll design using tapestry stitches on fine linen and I am going to frame it to make an adorable xmas ornament! This doll features holly in her hair and a christmas cupcake on her tummy. I am also working on a xmas pudding and other Christmassy designs to join her on the tree.

Click here to buy the pdf pattern so you can stitch your own xmas Babushka.

It would be super cute stitched on tea towels, napkins etc

Happy stitching!!

24 September 2010

How to frame an oval tapestry!

I was framing this cute wee tapestry and
I thought I would create a tutorial to explain how I did it.
(NB I have a free stitching pattern for a similar Russian Doll here )

This is a cute wee vintage frame I found at the local charity shop.
It is a flexible green rubber outer with a stiffer white plastic insert.
Here I am gauging where I to place the tapestry for best effect.

I have placed the white ring underneath the tapestry.

Then the green frame is put on - as the frame is flexible you just
have to force it over the white inner frame - easy!

This is what the back looks like with the frame on.

Then I have added a piece of white card to the back.

Next trim the material leaving a couple of inches to play with.

With a strong thread do a gathering stitch to bring the fabric together at the back.

Cut another piece of card to cover the mess!

Place a bit of glue behind the card and force it into the back of the frame.

Cover it all with black felt and you are done!

Word of advice before you position your tapestry I would recommend
tracing around the inner white ring to ensure your cardboard pieces are the correct size.

I didn't so mine are a bit random but you can hide it all
under the felt and nobody will be any the wiser!

In saying that if you would like to buy this one (!) you will find it here

23 September 2010

Cupcake yoyo brooches!

Super cute yoyo brooches - perfect for a girls birthday party goodie bag!

Click here to see (and purchase!) designs.

Happy to do custom orders for parties including bulk discounts.

Coming soon a step-by-step tutorial on how to make them yourself....as soon as all my crafty goodies arrive in a container from Australia!!

20 September 2010

Gorgeous wee Russian Dolls

Russian dolls or Babushkas or Matryoshka dolls are my new favourite thing at the moment.
I have designed this sweet wee tapestry and completed it with teeny tiny stitches on Ecru fine weave linen - I am now thinking of investing in a magnifying glass and miners hat complete with light to aid the process!

So cute!!

You too can stitch this delightful design - check out Russian doll #1 pdf pattern (left hand doll) or Russian Doll #2 pattern (right hand doll) in my Etsy store to purchase the pdfs - no need to wait for the post to arrive I can email it to you ASAP so you can start stitching.

You don't even need to go out and buy more threads as this is a great little project to use up all your left over threads (although I do provide a chart if you prefer).

Teeny tiny stitches!

Ideal as a cross stitch or tapestry using any size of canvas of aida. The pattern is easy to use as one square represents one stitch. Choose 14 count aida and you will get a larger doll!

Easier still buy the completed tapestry here and use your creative sewing skill to incorporate the design into a cushion, purse, ipod cover or anything that takes your fancy.

Also coming soon (between renovating a house and looking after a fiesty 6 month old boy!) will be an already framed version + another delightful Russian doll pattern who will be joining her sisters + a gorgeous wee toy soldier design.

Stay tuned!!