30 June 2011

Stitching Frenzy

I have sent hubby, toddler and Mother-in-law out for the day with strict instructions not to return until much later! I am now set up in front of the fire frantically stitiching (but still with great care and attention) to get everything finished for Craft 2.0 this Saturday.

I have been working on the 'The Cutest Gingerbread Houses in the World'

And here they all complete....
Super cute all  in a row!
Next I am onto the giant Paddington Brooches....

I have a few on the go at once that way I don't have to keep changing my colour thread all the time.
I am down to the fiddly bits - adding the collar & coat details, the suitcase and the feet.

And then....

He should look a little like this!
I love how every individual bear ends up with a slightly different expression each time.

Better get back to it. Still have to print all my backing cards, price signs and packaging!

27 June 2011

Back ache & a peg doll!

Dear blog

What a week or so it has been...I put my back out a few days ago which wasn't helped by:

a}being 16 weeks pregnant
b}chasing a toddler around who suddenly started having tantrums
c}hubby being away on work
d}the imminent arrival of the mother-in-law

I didn't do myself any favours by cleaning and vacuuming the house from top to bottom for the M-I-L but it had to be done.


But now hubby is back and M-I-L is here so I have built in babysitters, caterers, wood bringer inners, fire lighters, cleaners and I get to relax (!) and try and mend my back before Craft 2.0 this Saturday (EEEEEEEEEEK!!!!!!!!!)

So yesterday I finally got to sit down and finish my peg doll for the Small Acorns competition.

And here she is.......
Ms Ridinghood
Ms Ridinghood is wearing a fetching vinatge blue striped dress gathered at the waist with lace and a super cute mushroom detail. She has lovely bespoke/distressed red and white striped stockings and black shoes. She is sporting a lovely warm red coat with stitching detail and gorgeous floral pockets.

And believe it or not there is actually a wooden peg under there!

You can read all about the Small Acorns competition here. I can't wait to see what gorgeous creations everybody else comes up with.

And now I have 4 days to finish creating for Craft 2.0.

Coffee and chocolate is definitely required!!

15 June 2011

Short & Sweet

A new Babushka cross stitch/tapestry pattern available now....
Find it here!
'Two Little Cupcake Babushkas'

13 June 2011

Toys for Boys (+ girls!)

I finally made my son a toy! He loves playing with my felt creations especially the pincushions so I thought it was about time I made him something he was actually allowed to play with...

It is bright and colourful and he carries it around and throws it all over the place. It features a duck, a mushroom, a ladybird, a hedgehog, an apple and a cupcake and when he feels like it he will point them out when asked!

It was a labour of love but I have decide to list it for sale too (not his one of course!)
You can find it in my felt store ($NZ) or my etsy store ($US).

I have just started working on a felt book to match - a bigger version of my needlebooks.
There is nothing like making new patterns and starting new projects when you REALLY should be doing other things like making stuff for Craft 2.0! Well it is 3 weeks away I have plenty of time (NOT!)

11 June 2011

Mr Hedgehog needlebook

I have just added this cute wee guy to my needlebook collection...
Isn't he sweet!
He is available right now (I am organised for once!) in my New Zealand felt store. Or if you are an international shopper you can get yours here.

I will also have him for sale at Craft2.0 in July.

10 June 2011

More SALE items

I am busy adding more bargains to my SALE store.....
Giant Paper Clips

Paper Doll Hair Ties x 3
Nautical Hair ties x 3
Buy any two items and receive a freebie in your parcel.
Head on over to the SALE store now to grab a bargain!

07 June 2011

New stuff

I have been a busy wee creative bee lately - hence my neglected blog!
Here are some of the new felt items I have been working on...

Giant Paddington Bear Brooch

Nifty Needlebooks

Lots of Little Red Riding Hood brooches.
They all are for my stall at Craft 2.0 on July 2nd and I will try and get them into felt and etsy ASAP.
If you would like any of the items shown and they are not in my stores please feel free to email me a request.

06 June 2011

New Christmas page

As promised I have created a page showing all my felt christmas ornaments.

I have started with 3 designs and will be adding more all the time so keep checking in.
I will start listing them in my felt and etsy stores from Christmas in July onwards.

As you can see I have been having lots of fun with a mosaic maker from bighugelabs.
When I get a chance I am going to experiment with their pop art poster maker - stay tuned for the results!!