29 January 2011

Mushroom, Hedgehog & Ladybird pincushion

Still on the pincushion theme....
a combination of all things I am currently obsessed with.......

Felt of course...and mushrooms...and

Cute wee hedgehogs... and now...

Ladybirds too!

You can see more photos on my flickr page or
you can buy your very own pincushion here

21 January 2011

Fabulous felt brooches

I am still obsessed with babushka dolls, toadstools and hedgehogs and anything made with felt.....

Miss Babushka brooches!

Mr Hedgehog brooch
Miss Red Ridinghood brooch

Mushroom house brooch

You can find all these cuties in the Cupcake Cutie store.

Mushroom Pincushion - recycled baby jar

Still on the pincushion theme...

I have been racking my brain for months thinking what I can do with all the empty baby food jars I have (and I have many). I was feeling quite clever and proud when I came up with this cute pincushion/button jar idea....thought I would make millions out of it (well not really).

Anyway after I made it I decided to google recycled baby food jars and lo and behold there is nothing remotely original about my idea. Oh well back to the drawing board!

20 January 2011

Tree stump pincushion

After coming up with a crafty solution for my missing needle problem (refer previous post!) I realised I had an escaping pin problem too (not so great when you have a 9 monh old crawling aound the place) so carrying on with my latest obsession I thought I better have a couple of toadstools and I decided o attach them to a tree stump - all made of felt of course. So here it is....

It took hours to cut out and stitch all the wood grain detail.

It even has a cute wee ladybug on top!

14 January 2011

New stuff - Felt Needlebooks

Little Red Riding Hood - keeper of the needles!
Born out of necessity after losing too many neeedles down the side of the couch
I decided a needlebook (is it one word or two?) was in order and as my obsession with felt continues I got a bit excited and had to make hedgehog and toadstool designs as well.


I have just listed them in my felt store  - how appropriate!

01 January 2011

First project for 2011 - Toadstool Babushka Pattern

After all the Christmas orament orders were complete it was nice
to get back to some earlier projects!
I have finally finished this Toadstool Babushka cross stitch/needlepoint pattern...
look closely to see the cute little hedgehogs!
Perfect holiday easy stitching project.
The completed design would be ideal to make into a coin purse -
if only I was clever enough at sewing zips!
You can get your pattern here

Happy Stitching!