13 August 2012

Benny the Bunny...embroidery hoop art tutorial

Meet Benny the Bunny...isn't he the cutest!

Benny the happy bunny

I finished stitching him last night and framed him up today. I find if I don't frame projects straight away then they have a tendency to slip quietly into the 'unfinished project abyss'.

For me framing has to be simple and effective and able to be completed during a certain child's very short nap time!

So I thought I would share with you my hoop framing process...it is very easy, I promise!

Here are a few bits you will need...
... heavy cardboard ,scissors, fabric marker, pencil, piece of felt....and maybe double sided tape.

Grab the inside ring of your embroidery hoop and trace along the inside edge onto heavy card - I like to use nappy boxes as they are plentiful and sturdy....nobody needs to know there is a picture of Tigger on the back of it!

Trace around the card you have just cut out onto a piece of felt with a fabric marker or ballpoint pen and cut out. (The step is optional...read down to the end of the tutorial to see if you require the felt).

Next I added double sided tape around the outer edge of the inner hoop...this step is optional....I like it as it helps keep the fabric tight but skip this step it if you think you will want to remove your stitching from the hoop one day.

Depending on the width of your double sided tape you may need to fold it slightly over the edge which is fine as it helps stick the fabric.

Next flip your stitching to the back...and yes I am sprung, I am not a tidy stitcher at the back...I tie knots and leap from one area to another but shhhhhhh nobody needs to know.

Place your hoop sticky side down (if you are using tape) and position it to suit your picture.

Next I flip it over and loosely add the outer hoop just to check I have 'Benny' in the correct spot. And I am happy so I straighten my outer hoop and tighten up the screw at the top.

Next trim around off excess fabric all the way around leaving an inch or two to play with.

Delve into your embroidery floss stash to find some thread...as you can see my floss is neatly ordered and numbered (not!).....and I find a strong cup of coffee always helps with framing!

Using 3 strands of any colour cotton tie a nice big fat knot in the end and start a running/gathering stitch.

Stitch all the way around, pulling and gathering lightly as you go...

When you get to the start again tie a nice firm knot.

Lay the cardboard over the back and centre it...

Now the trick is to apply gentle pressure and squish (this is the technical term) the cardboard into the back....it needs to be a tightish fit so the cardboard won't fall out.

And you are done.........

.......or if you would like a slightly fancier finish and to hide the cardboard....
......centre the felt circle over the back and whip stitch it to the fabric.

Apologies for my bad cutting and dubious photography skills in the latter pictures!

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