31 March 2011

Sublime Stitching is still sublime

I have just received the Sublime Stitching newsletter and am reminded how fabulous Sublime Stitching is. So many new funky patterns to hand stitch. I am loving...

Forest Friends (of course)

And what is even more fantastic is you can now buy the patterns as a pdf download.
I am all for instant gratification and impulse buying so this is fantastic. I think I will go for Forest Friends as it also includes a great deer head too.

Or maybe.....

Camping Out I love a good caravan!

What really wanted to say is that they have a great 'how to' section with all the tips and tricks which is well worth the look. There are great tips on transferring patterns onto fabric - I never knew there was such a thing as a Transfer Pen - I will put it on my shopping list.

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  1. I love Sublime Stitching too! I embroidered one of their Daniel Johnston transfers onto a t-shirt for someone for Christmas.. first ever embroidery attempt for me but it turned out ok :-)


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