22 March 2011

Easter Cupcakes

I have been rummaging through unpacked shipping boxes (from our move last August!!) searching for my Easter decorations and I found these cuties I had forgotten about......

The no calorie alternative these cupcakes are made with plaster so would sit a little heavy in your tummy!
I used latex craft cupcake moulds which I found on ebay a few years ago, I found some similar ones here. The moulds need to be made latex rather than plastic to work well. All you do is pour in plaster of paris, wait a day or two to dry and then paint with acrylic. Would be a great school holiday project for kids. 

Then I have decorated a double cupcake box, I got this one fom The Packaging Place. They have a huge range of cupcake boxes and all kinds of packaging at great prices. It is just as well that I don't live in Australia anymore or my house would be full of packaging. I still have 30 pizza boxes do do something with but I have something in mind for them - I'm thinking a felt pizza toy....I will add it to my craft 'to do' list.

I used to have great fun making and painting these faux cupcakes, I think I might dig out my moulds and have another go.


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