22 February 2015

HUGE discontinued pattern SALE!

I have been busy in the last month or two organising our house trying to find a permanent home for everything once and for all. I have been ruthless with all items and if I don't love or use it, it has gone to either the charity shop or the recycle centre.

So now it is time to apply the same ruthlessness to the patterns in my Etsy store so I am having a huge DISCONTINUED PATTERN SALE.

I have created a special section in my etsy store called DISC PATTERN SALE and for one month only all the patterns in there will be 60% off. Yip that's right 60%!!!!

They are mainly cross stitch patterns and some sewing ones. Here is a preview of some of the iems on sale...

The prices shown are before the 60% discount so many patterns won't be much more than $1!

The sale offically starts on 22 Feb (US central time) and runs until 22 March. After this date all these patterns will be gone forever.....boo hoo. But that's OK becuase it makes room for new patterns to come.

I am still on track to release 1 new faux taxidermy a month during 2015.
Gladys the Giraffe is now available in both my Etsy and Payhip stores.

I have also created a fabulous PATTERN DEAL. Buy 2 get 1 FREE on all faux taxidermy patterns available exclusively in my etsy store.

And even more exciting news is that I will be releasing the SEWING MACHINE versions of all the faux taxidermy patterns as soon as I can. Gladys will be first because she is fresh in my mind.

Coming soon are the Bear/Polar Bear patterns, the Zebra and the Unicorn. I am very excited about all of them and can't wait to make them available to you.

As always if you have made any fabulous creatures from my patterns I would love to see photos if you feel like sharing. You can either tag me on Instagram or facebook or just email a photo if you like. I am happy to link/tag back to your original photo even if you are selling your finished creations.

So I am off to add more to the DISCONTINUED PATTERN SALE. Remember it starts on 22 Feb (US central time) so don't start shopping until you see the discounted price in red.

Happy shopping


25 January 2015

Creative plans for 2015

It's 2015 the year I get more organized with my crafting!

Yeah right you say that will last about 2 minutes, I know, I know but I am going to give it a good try.

I thought if I wrote about my plans you could help keep me to my schedule (pretty please!)

My main focus this year is to write and release all my faux taxidermy patterns, I am going to aim for one per month which leaves me time for other craft projects which will inevitably crop up!

First up is the long awaited deer pattern.....
....which has a release date of February 1st (if my kids are kind to me!!)

Following that is the release of a Brown Bear/Polar Bear faux taxidermy which is a bonus two patterns in one. This is due for release on March 1st. Here is a sneak peak...

Also on the agenda during this time is my month (or two) of Mollie Makes projects where I am going to make time to delve into all these unopened projects and get crafting on something other than my own designs...
...I think I will start with the Jane Foster sausage dog.

And not forgetting the teeny tiny taxidermy...
.....which are framed in these gorgeous wee hoops...
....I am going to try and get a few of each in my Etsy store as soon as I can including a bunny one in time for Easter.

I also MUST finish the dolls house makeover before my 3 year old daughter disowns me, she is always telling me off saying 'Mummy why haven't you finished it yet, its taking so long' and then she folds her arms and stomps off (she is 3 going on 13!)

I will also get organised and put together some tutorials about the dolls house furniture that I made too.

So that is the plan for the first few months of the year and knowing me I will be off on some crafting tangents also.

Thanks for taking the time stopping by and for all the lovely feedback I receive on instagram and facebook I really appreciate it.


P.S I will also be opening up some custom listing spots for the large style faux taxidermy in the near future.

16 September 2014

Felt watermelon brooch tutorial

It is nearly Christmas Market time again and I am starting to think about what I am going to make this year. I thought I would start with this cute watermelon brooch and I promised my Instagram friends that I would share the tutorial and look here it is!

Apologies for the bad photos which I have tried to mask with pretty borders (he he)

You will need:

  • The pattern which you can download for free HERE
  • Dark Green, White, Red + Black felt
  • Embroidery floss colours to match the felt
  • Brooch backs
  • Pins and scissors + stuff
Cut out the felt as shown on the pattern.

Rightyho lets get started...I find it is just as easy to make a few at a time.

Lay out the watermelon seeds on the red felt as shown and whip stitch 
on using 1 strand of black floss.

Fold the green circle in half and pin at the bottom.Lay white piece on lining up the 
straight edge with the fold of the green and pin in place through the top layer of green only...

....and when you open the green circle out it should look like this...

...now whip stitch the white piece on using 1 strand of white floss.

Now add the red piece and line up the straight edge on the white.
Then whip stitch around the red piece using 1 strand of red floss...

...so it will look like this...

Next fold the green circle in half again and pin...
...and then either whip stitch or blanket stitch (as I have done) the two 
round edges together with 1 strand of matching green floss...

....and you are nearly done...

...flip it over and sew on the brooch back nice and firmly with green floss...

..and then I like to use my business cards as packaging...

And so there you go a cute wee watermelon brooch. Go forth and make many!!

P.S If you decide to share this tutorial can you please have a link back to my page (pretty please)

03 July 2014

Don't fall over its a tutorial!: Felt Currant Buns

OMG it has been forever since I posted a tutorial and one of my facebook fans requested one for these scrumptious buns!

I whipped up 5 of these buns for my daughter's pre-school to use when they sing the '5 Currant Bun' song.
They absolutely loved them and are keeping them especially to use for mat time. It is so nice to be able to make something that is useful and appreciated.

Anyway what follows is a basic tutorial so you can whip up your own. Apologies for the mediocre photos, it was either a quick tutorial or nothing at all!

You will need:

Thin card
3 x pieces of A4 brown felt
1 x piece of white felt
Scraps of red felt
Scraps of dark brown felt
Sharp scissors
Brown, red and white embroidery thread
Sharp needle.

START by printing out the pattern pieces which you can find HERE.

GLUE the print out onto light card and then CUT out the pieces.

TRACE around the pattern pieces onto the felt and cut out.

These are the 4 pieces you will need to make a bun.
Currants come later.

Take the large brown circle and using 2 strands of brown thread use a running stitch around the outer edge, gathering as you go.

You will end up with this. Don't knot the end just yet.

Add heaps of stuffing while holding the gathering in place.
When quite firmly stuffed knot off your thread. Then keep adding stuffing in until it is nice and firm.

Take the small brown circle, lay it over the stuffing opening and pin in place. Use 2 x strands of brown floss and either use whip or blanket stitch to attach it.

Then it looks like this.

Flip it over and you have nice round firm buns!!!

Time to start on the cherry. Gather the red circle using 1 x strand of red floss in the same way as you did the bun.

Add a little stuffing and pull the gathering tight as you add a little more stuffing. A toothpick is quite handy for this part.

Pull it tight and do lots of stitches to secure it in place, leaving the thread still attached

Now grab a bun, place an icing piece on then position your cherry on top. Once you are happy with placement take your thread down through the icing and into the bun and back up again to catch the bottom of the cherry. Do this a few times and then...

...knot your thread under the icing. This just helps the cherry stay firmly attached especially if little hands are going to be tugging on it.

Next pin the icing down and attach it to bun using 1 x strand of white floss and whip or blanket stitch. (sorry missed a photo of this!)

Now cut out lots of currant shapes out of dark brown felt. I used about 10 currants per bun. Pin them on in a random fashion and then stitch them in place with 1 x strand of  dark brown floss and either whip or blanket stitch.

And then you are done!!!

Your kids will have hours of fun playing tea party with these and you could also bring them out at Christmas for decoration as they look like little Xmas puddings.

Check out my other great pretend food tutorials HERE.

10 June 2014

A deer catastrophe

I have just had an SOS call from one of my customers which began with..."There's been a tragic accident at our house today..."

Basically it is puppy vs. deer head and I think the puppy won. Poor old deer is battered and bruised but mainly in one piece so my customer is sending him back to me to recuperate at the deer hospital where I will tend to his wounds.

27 May 2014

Taking orders again..

Still so busy with my faux taxidermy which I am loving. I have had such a wonderful response on instagram and facebook about my creations so thank you!

I can finally take orders for the mini deer and giraffe hoops.....

...available in my etsy store.

I promise I am going to get back to the dolls house makeover and other interesting craft projects soon!

07 May 2014

Deer trophy head auction with $1 reserve

For all the New Zealand followers I have one of my deer heads up for auction on Trade Me with a $1 reserve...

Here is the link.

Happy bidding!



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