20 March 2011

Free pattern: Felt Cupcake Brooch

I have been a busy little bee making lots of crafty goodies for Craft 2.0 just take a look at the mess I have made...

Anyway I thought I would share this pattern for a cute little cupcake brooch with you. This is a great project to use all the left over bits and pieces so gather up all your felt scraps and lets begin.....I apologise for the slightly dubious photos in advance!

It always amazes me that something can be made from nothing!
Here is the pdf pattern.
It should be to scale. The finished brooch size is 4.5cm square.

I like to trace the pattern onto card and then trace around the card cut outs onto the felt using a fading facric marker. I usually make 2 or 3 at once this way you don't have to keep re-threading your needle with different colours all the time.

2 brooches in the making.
I have cut out pieces to make 2 brooches, using pinking shears for one and straight edge for the other.
You can use any kind of colour combination - just make use of whatever bits and pieces you have.

Dubious photo #1!!
Using 2 strands of white embroidery floss use whip stitch to sew the bottom of the icing onto the cupcake.

Next just lay all the pieces onto the background to see where they fit.

And while you still have white floss threaded whip stitch the top of the icing onto the top layer of the background.
Then using 2 strands of brown floss whip stitch the cupcake to the background (I did have a photo of this but accidently deleted it!)

Next using 2 strands of blue floss (or whatever colour you have chosen) whip stitch the wrapper to the background around the outside of it.

Next using a fading fabric marker draw lines to make the details of the wrapper. If you don't have a marker just freehand it - I do a lot of the time especially when my marker has run away somewhere.

Use a darker blue thread to stitch the detail just using a random running stitch.

Next add the cherry with red thread - I have attached it using a cross stitch in the middle.

Now it is time to sew the front to the back.

Using 3 strands of a contrasting thread (I am a big fan of brown!) come up through the front of the brooch only (so you can hide the ugly knot).

Then lay the bottom piece underneath the top one and using a running stitch sew the whole way around the brooch. Don't worry about all the stitches being evenly spaced or the same size - random is just fabulous!

Once you reach the end don't stitch through to the back but knot it off on the inside.
Not the greatest photo but hope it makes sense.

Then just add a brooch back - I like to use a contrasting thread (brown again).
If you don't have a brooch back a safety pin will work just nicely.

And there you have it a cute wee brooch!
Try making a bird or a mushroom or a hedgehog brooch too.

I would love to see what fabulous creations you come up with using this pattern.
Send me a photo and I will add it to my photo gallery - leave me a comment and I will contact you with the details.

Happy stitching!

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