11 March 2011


I have a list of rather important tasks that I should be doing:

1. Having a huge house clean as Hubby's brother and family from Aus are coming to stay day after tomorrow
2. Stitch, stitch, stitch because I have sooooooooo much to make to take to Craft 2.0 at Easter
3. Decorate and move into my lovely new craft/office/storage space

But what am I doing instead...unpacking boxes. Now we moved into our house approx 6 months so clearly the procrastination fairy has visited me before.

Any hoo while unpacking I found some half finished craft projects (nothing unusual there!)...

Well actually this first one is complete.
It is a fabulous 1950s half apron that I bought on Etsy for $2.50 (US) the design was already printed on it and someone had abandoned stitching it after just completing the beak so I just finished stitching the rest.
I am a bit of a messy cook so I will need to find somewhere to display it rather than wear it I think!

I am quite obsessed with flying ducks so when I saw this canvas on Ebay I had to have it....

This is the colour chart that came with the printed canvas

The printed canvas measures nearly a metre wide and you can see here that I am about half way through.
It is going to look great on my retro 1970s wood panelled walls when it is complete - whenever that might be! It is currently back in the postal tube I found it in. One day.....

And then I found this one....

I love this design (not one of my own unfortunately) as I just love paper dolls.
This pattern is from a great book called Made in France ...

Made in France: Cross-stitch and Embroidery in Red, White and Blue

It features lots of lovely cross stitch and embroidery in red white and blue.
And of course I have stitched my design in two shades of brown!

While searching the net for a picture of the above book I have just discovered a new one by the same author...
Made in France: Sweet Treats in Cross-stitch

I may have to have it!!!!

I have digressed - back to my paperdoll tapestry. I have stitched it onto a rather small piece of canvas and there is not much extra canvas around it to stretch and frame properly so I will put my thinking cap on and next time you see it, it will adorning my sons wall....it is brown so I am sure my hubby won'r mind if it features a doll!!!!!

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