17 March 2011

Hedgehog Brooch tutorial

You have obviously discovered the fabulous second issue of Toffee Magazine and found my Hedgehog brooch pattern in there. Toffee Mag is only available as a pdf download you won't find it in shops - fantastic for the environment. I am very excited to have one of my crafts in print (so to speak!).

If you have just stumbled upon this tutorial and want to make Mr Hedgehog you will need to grab your pattern from Toffee Mag - only $2.99 (AU). Filled with other fabulous free patterns, printables and great crafting stories you won't be disappointed.

Here we go........

Cut out all your pieces first.
Using a nice sharp pair of scisssors will help with the small bits.

Pin the tummy to one layer of the body and whip stitch
using 2 strands of cream embroidery floss.

Next lay all your pieces onto the body just to make sure they all fit.

Using 2 strands of dark brown embroidery floss use a single cross stitch to secure
the felt pad of the foot on (sorry a little hard to see the cross in this photo!)

Still using 2 strands make 3 French knots above the felt pad to finish of the foot.
Learn how to make French knots here.

Both feet are exactly the same.

Using 2 strands of dark brown embroidery floss make the
little claw details on his paws using single stitches - cute!!

Create his nose by doing a single French knot just as you did on his feet.

Postioning all the bits back on his body again before beginning to stitch them into place.

Stitch his nose on first using 2 strands of light brown embroidery thread and a whip stitch.
Then add 2 French knots for his eyes - you will be a whiz at these knots by now!

Next stitch his feet on as you did with his nose.

And then his paws in the same way.

Now all you need to do is add the back part of the body with a running
stitch using 2 strands or either light or dark floss.

And here he is nearly complete...

Just sew on a brooch back or a safety pin.
As you can see from my handywork you don't have to be too neat because no one will see it!!!!


And well if it is all a bit to hard you can always just buy
a completed Mr Hedgehog brooch here


  1. How cute, I'm certainly going to try this one!
    I onhly have to go to the shop for broun felt.

    Loves flo

  2. Ok - that is just the most adorable thing I've ever seen! I want one!


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