28 March 2011

Creative Space - Progress!

I had a little frenzy of activity in my new craft/office/storage room yesterday. After weeks of searching online for a retro, funky bookshelf I gave up and in a fit of dispair at seeing my books falling out of boxes sent my hubby off to The Warehouse to but a kitset. He put the shelf together in no time and all and I set to work putting books onto shelves...how hard could it be?????.......

This is about 2 hours worth of work!
I thought I would put the books in colour blocks as I have seen this before and thought it looked great. Clearly I have just purchased the wrong size and colour books in my life because it just wasn't working for me. In my defense I did have my eye on trouble (11 month old) and would have to dash off to chase him around the house every 2 minutes.

The yellow section doesn't look too bad.
Anyway after many hours and many thoughtful comments from hubby {'haven't you finished that yet', 'how long does it take to shove books on a shelf', 'do you want me to do it for you(!)'} I did get a bit more random and threw everything on. I even added my weebles collection from when I was little - I just love the little helicopter and areoplane!

I love this Doiley packaging so much I added it to the shelf!

I have my toy box from when I was little which is full of crafty stuff. On top are some bits and pieces I am working on for Craft 2.0 in April. And a lovely poster from Frankie magazine.

So that is one corner of my craft room complete, I will tackle more of it soon. It is so lovely to have moved from the kitchen table and have a wee space to call my own.

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