16 September 2014

Felt watermelon brooch tutorial

It is nearly Christmas Market time again and I am starting to think about what I am going to make this year. I thought I would start with this cute watermelon brooch and I promised my Instagram friends that I would share the tutorial and look here it is!

Apologies for the bad photos which I have tried to mask with pretty borders (he he)

You will need:

  • The pattern which you can download for free HERE
  • Dark Green, White, Red + Black felt
  • Embroidery floss colours to match the felt
  • Brooch backs
  • Pins and scissors + stuff
Cut out the felt as shown on the pattern.

Rightyho lets get started...I find it is just as easy to make a few at a time.

Lay out the watermelon seeds on the red felt as shown and whip stitch 
on using 1 strand of black floss.

Fold the green circle in half and pin at the bottom.Lay white piece on lining up the 
straight edge with the fold of the green and pin in place through the top layer of green only...

....and when you open the green circle out it should look like this...

...now whip stitch the white piece on using 1 strand of white floss.

Now add the red piece and line up the straight edge on the white.
Then whip stitch around the red piece using 1 strand of red floss...

...so it will look like this...

Next fold the green circle in half again and pin...
...and then either whip stitch or blanket stitch (as I have done) the two 
round edges together with 1 strand of matching green floss...

....and you are nearly done...

...flip it over and sew on the brooch back nice and firmly with green floss...

..and then I like to use my business cards as packaging...

And so there you go a cute wee watermelon brooch. Go forth and make many!!

P.S If you decide to share this tutorial can you please have a link back to my page (pretty please)


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