12 March 2012

Project Update: New Babushka cross stitch pattern

Yes I am still stitching my new Babushka cross stitch pattern - it seems to have been going on forever. But of course I have abandoned it many times to do other crafty projects which I promised myself I wouldn't. Lets face it I can't just do one project at a time - the more the merrier.

Anyway here it is (I am stitching on waste canvas onto a teatowel).....

Just have to add the final doll and finish the two dolls at the bottom. Had a nightmare with the one on the bottom right - not a good idea to stitch at night when sleep deprived. Had to unpick heaps and of course it has left nasty little holes in my fine fabric...oh well hopefully it will look OK.

So I am hoping to have it finished and listed in my Etsy & Felt stores sometime soon.


  1. Hi there :) where did you get this gorgeous pattern?? Grace

    1. Hi Grace
      You can find it in my Etsy store. Here is the link.,..


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