21 March 2013


Meet Stan the Stag......

.....isn't he fabulous!

I adopted him from my favourite charity store about 2 hours ago. I walked in the store and there he was in all his needlepoint glory. I had decided I was going to have him before I even looked at the price tag....which was only $10!

It is a big picture. Look at it in comparison with my couch...

Here is my daughter giving him a poke to say 'Hi'....

From a distance the picture looks like a paint-by-numbers which makes me love it even more.

My first thought was to rip it out of the frame and make a cushion or cover a piano stool or something but then I thought I would just paint the frame first to see if it looked any better.

The outer frame is a sort of hessian fabric that is fraying and losing furry bits everywhere.

So I put it on the kitchen counter and started slapping on some brown house paint that was in hubby's shed.....

.....and I think I kinda like it. I will ponder it for a bit longer and then decide what to do.

What do you think.....should Stan stay in his frame or become a cushion?

Let me know your opinion please!

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