02 March 2013


It is time to have fun with felt again!

For my son's third birthday in mid April I want to create him a picnic set. I am on the lookout for a retro basket and have my eye on this one....

......which is listed here on Trade Me. I am going to scour the op shops and internet for some classic picnic items like duraware plates and cups, fabulous napkins, doilies etc.
But most importantly it needs to be full of felt food! Lets start with the donuts.....
...these ones are actually now at my son's preschool as I mentioned them to his teacher and she got all excited so now I am making double of everything so they have a set too!
Now I could have made my own pattern but there are so many free patterns out there that I went straight to my felt food board on pinterest and found that I had already pinned two donut patterns - love it when that happens!
So the donuts I made are a combination of a couple of patterns plus my variations. The donut template I used can be found here at Skip to my Lou blog. If you want to make yours with a sewing machine then she has the full tutorial to follow.
I prefer to hand stitch and took inspiration from these tasty looking ones....
you can find the free pattern for this here but to be honest I had trouble accessing it. I think maybe you have to create an account first.
Note: you can substitute whip stitch for blanket stitch in all the steps if you find blanket stitch a bit tricky. Check out my Stitch Guide page if you need a hand!
Anyway here is what I did....
...cut out all the bits. I always do at least three at a time, that way you can start a production line and use all the thread on your needle etc
Next I whip stitched the icing on the top and then added sprinkes in lovely pastel colours.... 
.....then I used blanket stitch around the donut centre to attach the top and bottom halves.
Here is a close up......
Here is a look at the same stitching from underneath...
Next I blanket stitched most of the way around.....
...then stuffed with polyfill and stitched up the rest.
Next free felt food tutorial is......Tea Bags....I am half way through making them so should have the tutorial ready in a couple of days so stay tuned......
You could stitch along with me and at the end of all the tutorials you will have your own basket of play food - your kids will love it!


  1. They are great ;o)
    I`m gonna make some for the children!
    Have a great week!

  2. Hey! I wanted to post regarding the ithinksew doughnut pattern. I was confused at first as well....but then I found it! If you scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page, on your left hand side where it says follow me on twitter, pinterest, etc...look right about all of that. Free Patterns is in light gray, almost white lettering. You click that and it takes you to the listing of all the free patterns listed on the site and you can click to open the PDF. The pdf is very thorough and colorful with a great template as well as colorful instructions! Thanks for your post....you helped me find the donut template I have been looking for!

    1. Thank you! That is great to know as I did spend a bit of time trying to find it. I will go back and check it out again. Thanks for reading my blog and I am glad I could help you find the donut template. Happy sewing! Kim

  3. These are adorable - almost look good enough to eat! ;)

  4. Thank you I am about to make 1 as that is all the right coloured felt I have at the moment!


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