03 February 2013

Garage Sale Glee!

I love good garage sale but often I am not quite organised enough to get to them on a Saturday morning. But yesterday there was one just 10 doors down so my son (who is nearly 3) and I wandered down to take a look.

As soon as I got there I knew there was good stuff at silly prices so I had to act fast. I scooped up my son (all 20kg of him) and dashed back up the street, handed him to his father and jumped in the car to get back there.

This is what I got........

........for $17 dollars!!!! The guy actually only wanted $12 but I gave him another $5.
I love old suitcases and these will be great for the kid's room to store puzzles and lego etc.
I have definite plans for a few table makeovers - very exciting!

I picked up these cute retro spice jars, measuring cupcs and tin plate for the kid's playhouse which is currently undergoing a makeover (more about that soon).


Quite thrilled with my finds we decided to go out for coffee and the playground. On the way back I spotted a Car Boot sale which was about to pack up so we had a dash around to see what left.

I got an old glass milk bottle for $2. Hubby got two mats for his ute for $2. Then at the last stall I spotted this......

....an unassuming plastic container, but the lid was partially off and there was something poking out that caught my eye. I carefully unwrapped all the tissue inside and found this...

...the most gorgeous wee Japanese tea set. I quietly got very excited and casually asked how much it was. The lady said "Oh you can have that for a dollar". I swiftly handed my coin over and dashed out of there before she changed her mind!

So all in all a fabulous day for bargain hunting.

Now all I have to do is work out where to put it all, it is currently jammed into the corner of our bedroom!

What treasures have you found lately?

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  1. What a great day you had ;o) There are no gagage sales, flea markets or yard sales at the moment(winter), so I`m just waiting for spring..


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