14 February 2013


It has been so long since I have had the sewing machine out and when I finally located it high on a shelf in a cupboard I could easily write my name in the dust.

I was quite excited to have the 'old girl' out again. She is sturdy and vaguely reliable...no fancy embroidery stitches or instant button holes on my machine!

After a few tension issues with the straight stitch we managed to whip up Pete the Pirate....

 ...here is is posing in front of the tool box and making friends with the lego dolls.

He came about because I wanted to keep some of the kiddies baby clothes but not just in a box so I thought I could incorporate the clothes into a softie.

I spent a 'long time' on Pinterest and Etsy trying to find a softie pattern and gave up and designed my own.

The main fabric of the softie is one of my son's baby blankets and the pirate on the front from a t-shirt he wore when he was 2 and he just loved it so that is why I chose it. I have even cut the tag from the t-shirt and sewed it into the side of the softie which I thought was very cute but my son keeps asking me to cut it off!

Here he is meeting Pete the Pirate for the first time.........

....and giving him a cuddle. The only problem with Pete is that he is not machine washable and I can see that he is going to get pretty dirty, pretty fast!

Now I will think about one for my daughter but she has sooooooooooooo many cute baby clothes I am not quite sure where to start!


  1. i think that is a great idea for keeping those special baby clothes in use and loved. i have a little bag of dresses that claud wore and now uses on her baby dolls, but this is infinitely more cute!

  2. Le pirat est merveilleux,bonne soirée Marie-Claire

  3. Cute! Ha ha, had to laugh - my husband refers to my sewing machine as 'the paper weight' it hasn't been used in so long! :o) Glad I'm not the only one that goes ages between sewing projects!


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