07 February 2013


I always have some kind of stitching on the go, usually at least 3 if not about 5 projects!

At the moment I am on the lookout for vintage/retro printed canvases that I can stitch up for the kid's room when it gets a makeover. I am kind of putting the cart before the horse as I haven't even stripped the wallpaper off the walls yet....oh well!

This is what I have so far.....

......a Monkey kit I got for a couple of dollars at the local Op Shop. Haven't done a stitch yet.

Then we have a Mickey Mouse kit......

I picked him up on Trade Me for a dollar. I have just started outlining him and stitched his foot.

Then there is Mr Raccoon embroidery kit......

....he has been partially stitched by someone else......

.........but i don't mind because the stitching is quite good and I bought him for a dollar plus postage and I just couldn't resist that cute little face!
There is this wee tugboat.....
.....which I have actually finished!
And then there is my most recent purchase from Etsy....
 ...this fabulous retro deer. I had to have him and he travelled all the way from the Netherlands to make NZ home!
I will be searching op shops and garage sales to find some frames for them and then I want to create a collage on one wall of the kid's bedroom. I had thought about doing A-Z in tapestry pictures but that might be slightly ambitious and I already have two 'M's.
There is a very long list of other things I should be stitching instead but that is a whole other blog post!

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