26 January 2013

Free hama bead Bunny pattern

Meet Mr Bunny your new hama bead buddy....

Make him into a brooch or necklace or add him to a wrapped Easter egg.....cute!...
....or cross stitch him onto a hama bead pendant. If you missed my post on how to make a hama board to stitch on on click here.
Download the FREE hama bead Bunny pattern HERE. Once you have the pdf open hover at the bottom of the pattern and the print icon will appear.
 You never know when inspiration is going to strike. This adorable bunny egg cup that I bought for $4 at a market has certainly got my Easter ideas flowing.
This cute bunny also appears in my new Easter cross stitch pattern....

...."3 Little Bunnies", which is now listed in my Etsy store.
Stay tuned to see what I do with the bunny egg cup...another Easter tutorial coming soon.


  1. Hello! Where do u buy the pegboard and hama beads from?

    1. Hi! Hama beads and boards are actually a childrens toy so you can find them in toy shops. I get most of my Hama stuff online. Check out www.hamabeads.com they post internationally. Hope this helps. Thanks!


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