31 August 2012

New Etsy shop: Vintage craft supplies

A month or so ago my alter ego Retro Crafty Girl opened a new Etsy store selling vintage craft supplies and I have been meaning to metion it ever since.

I love vintage needlework kits, patterns, canvases and finished pieces from 'Grandma's craft basket' and really opening this store is just an excuse for me to buy more stuff and well if I can't sell them I will just have lots of projects to do!

These are few of my recent finds....

Vintage Margot Tapestry Canvas

Semco Novelty Vanity Set

Hummel Swan Embroidery Kit
I am having to fight the urge to rip open the packets and start stitching, it is like having an unopened block of chocolate hidden in the house....you know it is close at hand and very tempting!!!

So save me from temptation and vist Retro Crafty Girl and see if anything takes your fancy.

P.S I will be posting time to time about Retro Crafty Girl so I apologise in advance if it gets a bit confusing but I can only cope with updating one blog....thanks again for taking time to read it!

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  1. Thanks Karyn! So glad you found my blog informative. I hope to have many more tutorials in 2013 so keep checking in!


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