02 August 2012

Bambi, a Hedgehog and Wonder Woman

I have been busy stitching and embroidery hooping (that is the technical term!) and these are my latest creations.........

Who doesn't love Bambi?

I thought with a green polka dot ribbon hanger that 'Bambi' would be a great 'not too overtly Christmassy' Christmas decoration.

Then there is my old favourite....


Little Mister Hedgehog sheltering under some Mushrooms....he always seems to pop up in so many of my patterns...sneaky little critter!

And for something totally different...

Wonder Woman
I love this retro design... I can't claim this one, it is from a vintage plastic canvas book. It is a design I used to stitch about 10 years ago onto T-shirts. I still love it just as much now.

You can find them all in my Etsy store.


  1. You are a speedy stitcher! They look great, as does your art deco house you posted pictures of the other day - what a lovely home!!

  2. Thank you! I hope to do a few more posts about projects around the house and garden. Thanks for reading!


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