03 August 2012

Shiny new blog buttons

Do you like my shiny new blog buttons over there on the right...aren't they pretty?!

Need blog buttons where do you go? Etsy of course, Etsy seems to sell everything!

I waded through all the Social Media button packages available (of which there were many) and these were the ones that took my fancy. They are from the wonderful Natalie at Moxie Tonic. They were only $2US - that is a crazy price! It would have taken me years how to work out how to design my own so thank you Natalie for your creative talent.

Brown Web & Blog Buttons: 9 Social Media Buttons For Your BlogWeb & Blog Buttons:12 Social Media Buttons For Your BlogBlog Buttons: Mix & Match Your Blog Design With 10 Social Media Buttons

I had a hard time deciding which of these three I wanted but thought the brown matched part of my banner.

I would like to brag about how clever I am getting them installed (and working!) but all I did was follow the Moxie Tonic installation video....Yes that is right for $2US you get step by step instructions on how to add the html coding.

I just can't thank Natalie & Moxie Tonic enough as it made adding blog buttons such a stress free process.

Not only do they have an Etsy shop but you can check them out on Facebook and you have to visit the Moxie Tonic website and take advantage of the free marketing tips about building a successful crafty business. I have just signed up to learn the 7 keys to unlocking Etsy sales - I need it.

It is just so lovely to come across people who are happy to share their knowledge. Thank you Natalie, I certainly appreciate it!

P.S And thank you for introducing me to photobucket - how fabulous is it!

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