13 September 2012

Come back craft mojo!

Over the past few weeks I thought my craft mojo had up and left, hence why there has not been much of interest to blog about.

Usually I have so many projects on the go and I am jumping from one to another and itching to start a new one. But alas lately I have felt very lacklustre in the creative department.

The kids, hubby and I have had cold after flu after cold after flu and a cough that just will not stop and I am blaming that and the incessant rain for draining my creativity.

But today the sun came out.....hooray...here is a picture to prove it...

The kids and I went for a long walk and then played outside....and look in the background the washing is actually hanging on the line instead of draped across the lounge and furniture!

Then I went to the letterbox and I had mail...and lo and behold there was a package that contained my craft mojo. Well actually it was 3 pattern books!

I had been online looking for retro stitching patterns and came across a lady who was having a clearout and she had some great stuff. Check out this vintage Christmas transfer book...
This is fabulous, I love how you iron the crosses onto the fabric and stitch over the top. I am definitely starting with the deer silhouettes...we all know how obsessed with Bambi I am.

Actually this book is going to be the jumping off point for my Xmas range this year...and hopefully I will have time to get some decorations and hoop art made to stock my Cupcake Cutie store in time for the festive season.

Next an adorable Japanese mini doll book...
I love Ondori craft books (I have a few for sale in my other shop here) and this one is devine. Check out all these little dolls, their expressions and outfits. I am thinking they would make great Christmas decorations. Who do I stitch first...Red Riding hood, Butterfly, Dragonfly, Dwarf...I might get my son to decide...he will probably pick the giraffe.

Last but not least a Greek DMC cross stitch pattern book. Full of demonic looking bunnies and squirrels - I love it!

Also some gorgeous retro borders that I am sure I will use on something one day.
This one has a name on it .,..Aspasia Simeonidis. I love second hand books with peoples names on them. I wonder who Aspasia Simeonidis is and what she/he stitched from this book and how did this book end up half way across the world in NZ?

Anyway so now I am champing at the bit to get started on some new projects, and I know my mojo is back because I will be starting on several at once - one from each book of course, I am definitely back to my creative self!

Have you ever lost your craft mojo? How did you get it back?


  1. Great to see you back again! Had missed your posts. Sorry to hear you've all been sick. Last weekend I got a cross stitch project in to be framed that I had been working on for several months. It feels like such a relief to have it all finished (I had a set deadline for it to be done so it became kinda pressured) so now I feel like I can just relax and enjoy a break for the next little while! We probably need that sometimes to help build up excitement for the next project :o) How are you enjoying your new house?

    1. Thanks Jennifer! Love the house but am itching to get outside to start organising the garden and to makeover the old playhouse we bought my son. We are just coming into Spring here so hopefully the weather will be getting better and I can get creative outside too. Kim


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