21 September 2012

Getting ready for a Christmas Craft Market. Part 1

Yay for me....I've got a table at the Great Christmas craft market!

I love going to craft markets and it has been well over a year since I have been to one.

Now after the initial excitement the panic has set in! 10 weeks to get myself sorted sounds like a lot of time but not when you have 2 kids to keep fed, entertained and out of trouble.

So I am approaching this venture in a very sensible and organised manner (for once!). So bear with me as this post is really me thinking out loud.

First up I pulled out all Cupcake Cutie stock left over from previous markets to see what I had...

This is just some of what I found so I think it is a good starting point. Now I don't really want to use all of this as I quite like to have some kind of theme that ties everything together and I like to have at least 5 of every item as it displays well. So everything I have only one of is staying at home, unless I particularly like it and want to make more.

Being a Christmas market I definitely want to focus on my felt decorations....

These gingerbread houses have been my best sellers for a couple of years so they are keepers. I really fancy making a pink candy version of the 3D house so that is on my consideration list.

I also have a few needlebooks and pincushions left over. Not sure about including these or not. The square needlebooks (shown in the main picture) have always been popular but to be honest I am a bit bored of making them so if my heart is not in it they won't turn out well.  I think the hedgehog needlebooks I will take as I already have 5 of them and this hedgehog of mine seems to appear in all my items so it keeps the theme running.

Mr Gingerbread Man....Yes, he is a big seller so I will definitely have to make at least 10 of him.
I think I will do some slightly different version though, change the colour of the hearts and frills just to add variety. By the way if you want to make Mr Gingerbread Man for yourself you can find the free pattern and tutorial here.

Right so these are my first thoughts and I need to start writing lists of what definitely needs to be made and then I can start the fun part....ordering supplies!!!!

Stay tuned for Part 2 of my Christmas Craft Market preparation. If you have any tips or opinions on what I should make I would love to hear them.

Can I leave you with this question......Do you like sale/bargain bins at a craft market or do you think they detract from the 'good stuff'?

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  1. So exciting that you are off to market! Rather you than me though - I would never be ready in time! :o) You'll get there though - you are off to a great start with everything you already have in stock. I always glance over at the bargain bins if a stall has them, just in case I find something really cool. If something catches my eye then I go and take a closer look. The quality isn't necessarily less than the rest of the stuff, but rather just stock that the stall owner is discontinuing or just wants to get sold, you know? Hope that helps! Good luck! Can't wait to hear how it all goes.


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