13 June 2011

Toys for Boys (+ girls!)

I finally made my son a toy! He loves playing with my felt creations especially the pincushions so I thought it was about time I made him something he was actually allowed to play with...

It is bright and colourful and he carries it around and throws it all over the place. It features a duck, a mushroom, a ladybird, a hedgehog, an apple and a cupcake and when he feels like it he will point them out when asked!

It was a labour of love but I have decide to list it for sale too (not his one of course!)
You can find it in my felt store ($NZ) or my etsy store ($US).

I have just started working on a felt book to match - a bigger version of my needlebooks.
There is nothing like making new patterns and starting new projects when you REALLY should be doing other things like making stuff for Craft 2.0! Well it is 3 weeks away I have plenty of time (NOT!)

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