30 June 2011

Stitching Frenzy

I have sent hubby, toddler and Mother-in-law out for the day with strict instructions not to return until much later! I am now set up in front of the fire frantically stitiching (but still with great care and attention) to get everything finished for Craft 2.0 this Saturday.

I have been working on the 'The Cutest Gingerbread Houses in the World'

And here they all complete....
Super cute all  in a row!
Next I am onto the giant Paddington Brooches....

I have a few on the go at once that way I don't have to keep changing my colour thread all the time.
I am down to the fiddly bits - adding the collar & coat details, the suitcase and the feet.

And then....

He should look a little like this!
I love how every individual bear ends up with a slightly different expression each time.

Better get back to it. Still have to print all my backing cards, price signs and packaging!

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