27 June 2011

Back ache & a peg doll!

Dear blog

What a week or so it has been...I put my back out a few days ago which wasn't helped by:

a}being 16 weeks pregnant
b}chasing a toddler around who suddenly started having tantrums
c}hubby being away on work
d}the imminent arrival of the mother-in-law

I didn't do myself any favours by cleaning and vacuuming the house from top to bottom for the M-I-L but it had to be done.


But now hubby is back and M-I-L is here so I have built in babysitters, caterers, wood bringer inners, fire lighters, cleaners and I get to relax (!) and try and mend my back before Craft 2.0 this Saturday (EEEEEEEEEEK!!!!!!!!!)

So yesterday I finally got to sit down and finish my peg doll for the Small Acorns competition.

And here she is.......
Ms Ridinghood
Ms Ridinghood is wearing a fetching vinatge blue striped dress gathered at the waist with lace and a super cute mushroom detail. She has lovely bespoke/distressed red and white striped stockings and black shoes. She is sporting a lovely warm red coat with stitching detail and gorgeous floral pockets.

And believe it or not there is actually a wooden peg under there!

You can read all about the Small Acorns competition here. I can't wait to see what gorgeous creations everybody else comes up with.

And now I have 4 days to finish creating for Craft 2.0.

Coffee and chocolate is definitely required!!

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