02 May 2011

Itching to Stitch!

I finally got to sit down yesterday and start my new stitching project. I did an hour or so yesterday and about half an hour today and it is done!

Strawberry shortcake on a doily!
I love a quick project with such a cute result.
I used waste canvas to be able to stitch onto the doily and here is what I did.
Vintage doily
Choose something to stitch on. I love using old doilies and vintage table cloths. You could stitch on to tea towels, kids clothing, a hankerchief - just about anything.

Waste canvas
This is what waste canvas looks like, basically like ordinary tapestry canvas but with the blue lines in it. I think I got this from spotlight but have seen a better range on ebay. I have also seen a soluble version that is ideal for cross stitch.

Pin the waste canvas onto the doily and use a bit of spare embroidery floss to tack it into place.
Use a fading fabric marker and mark the centre of the doily.

Then start stitching! I find it easier to start stitching in the middle. You could put the doily in an embroidery hoop to keep it taught if you find it easier to stitch that way.
Keep stitching until your image is complete. Now you can remove the tacking stitches.

Find a shallow bowl - I have used the lid of a casserole dish here. Fill it with a couple of cms of water and submerge your doily in it. Leave it in for a minute or two and swish it around a bit.
Tip the water out and you will find you can now pull apart your canvas. Start at the side and gently pull out single strands at a time. Don't be tempted to try and pull multiple strands at once or you will end up in a tangle. Once you have removed a few strands from the side start taking them out the horizontal strands from the top.

Keep on going, you are nearly there! Remove the final strands, dry out your doily and....

Strawberry shortcake on a doily!
you are finished! I must say it does look a whole lot cuter in person, my photograpjy skills don't really do it justice. The design itself is from "Sweet Treats in Cross Stitch"

I can't wait to start the next project - I am stitching a tray doily with and assortment of biscuits - it may take more than two days to complete this one!

Happy Stitching!


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