23 May 2011

Christmas in May anyone?

I know you probably think I have gone a bit mad but I am seriously starting all my Xmas craft now!
Last year I was so inundated with orders for my felt ornaments that I just couldn't keep up with so this year I thought I would start early...really early!

I am working on some cute felt gingerbread garlands - adorable if I do say so myself! They are an extension of the single gingerbread man ornaments I make. If you are feeling creative (and festive) the free tutorial for the single ornament is here.

I will also be making more of the 'Cutest Gingerbread House in the World'...

Many hours of teeny tiny stitches in this one!
There will be more Babushka Dolls and Angels....

And Christmas puds!

If anyone wishes to place an early order please feel free. I hope to get a blog page up soon showing all the designs available and prices. In the meantime feel free to email me with questions and orders!


  1. These are all so cute. I love the pudding and the gingerbread man but I think the gingerbread house is my favourite - would love to know how much one of those might be!
    And well done for getting the Christmas stuff started early. Maybe I should too :-)

  2. It is never too early for Xmas I say!
    The gingerbread house is $19.95. I know t seems a lot but there are many, many, many hours of little stitches in each one.

  3. Ohh, can I please order one of your gorgeous gingerbread houses? What a lot of work!!!


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