08 April 2011

Stitch Guide - Blanket Stitch

Blanket Stitch:
Blanket stitch takes a little bit of practice but once you have mastered it you will become addicted (or at least I have!) Lovely as a decorative stitch as well as perfect for joining layers together.

To start:
Tie a knot in your thread.
Come up through your fabric at starting point 1 and insert needle down at point 2
coming up at point 3 and ensuring that your thread is under the needle when you
pull it tight. Continue from left to right in the same way, keeping the height and
the width of your stitches  the same all the way along.

The dashes in figure a}are just to show the imaginary parallel lines you will follow with your stitches.

Great for finishing off edges or joining layers together.

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