03 August 2013

Table Decal: Paint by numbers deer

I am very excited to introduce the latest addition to our family...

...my fabulous new dining table. Now it is new to us but is certainly isn't 'new' if you know what I mean. It started out life like this...

Excuse the shocking photo!!!
It is hard to tell but beneath many layers of navy blue paint there is a lovely solid wood table. After much stripping and sanding (thank you hubby!) the table started to look a lot better and after a coat of glossy white paint (again hubby you are a star!) it was looking fabulous and I couldn't wait to add its' crowning glory....THE decal...

I had been coveting this decal for awhile having first pinned this photo onto my Paint by Numbers board (on Pinterest of course!)

It is from the fabulous luvloo who make wall and table decals with lots of gorgeous designs to choose from. They make the decal to suit the size of your table with is great so make sure you measure your table 10 times to get the correct measurement.

I had measuring issues and had to trim half a cm off the entire decal....not fun and quite stressful because I soooooooo didn't want to ruin it!

Anyway I was very patient (for once) and measured .5cm increments all around the edge and very carefully cut holding my breath the whole time.

The decal is backed with sticky paper that you peel back to adhere it to the table, you can imagine on a round table this is slightly tricky, definitely not one for the faint hearted but so worth it.

Now that the table is complete I am eying up cole and sons tree wallpaper.....

 ...for the back wall and/or Marimekko 'Kaiku' curtains...

....or failing that I could get the tea towel version....

and make them into cushions. Maybe that might be a tree too far!

But I definitely do have to dust off the sewing machine and get started on some cushions...I can't wait!


  1. Oh my goodness - WOW, Kim! That looks amazing! I never even knew you could cover a table with a decal - you have the coolest ideas for decorating! I am looking forward to seeing more photos from around your new home... love that little sunny dining area (and I can even see some daffodils out the window - yay for spring!)

    1. Thanks Jennifer! Next I need a retro pendant light, new curtains and a feature wall. I have just started the kids room too so hope to have some photos ready soon. Takes so long to do all these projects with 2 kids but we will get there eventually!

  2. C'est tres chic bonne journee Marie-Claire


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