15 July 2013

Turn your photos into Pop Art with ease

I stumbled upon a great website today while googling something totally unrelated and after a few minutes I had created this...
....super cute pop art version of my kids.

It was so easy to do so I thought I would share it with you.

The website you need to visit is befunky.

You don't need to sign up or log in just go straight for the upload button and find a photo you want to turn into pop art. This is the original image I started with....

I decided to zoom in on their cute little faces by using the crop button on the top left.......
....then when you are happy with the area your photo is to become hit the 'Apply' button.

Then you will have the image to add the effects to.

Then on the very left handside click on the button that looks like a wand second from top and it will give you all the effect options. You can make your photo in sepia, black and white, polaroid etc.
Click on the pop art button and it will bring up the pop art options....
.....Click on the one you like (you can try them all out first before you hit 'apply')....

....and your masterpiece is done and you can hit the save/share button and save it to your desktop or send it straight to Facebook.

Easy peasy.

Coincidentally I just received an email about 60% off photo canvases so I ordered an A3 size for around $30 delivered. A bargain!

If you are a NZ reader you can find the photo canvas site here but be in quick because the sale ends tonight 15 July.

Happy Pop Arting!

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