20 July 2012

Wallpaper - it was love at first site!

We recently bought and moved into a very funky Art Deco house (have been meaning to post photos!) and I am on the look out for some retro wallpaper. I am considering vintage and vintage look, just waiting for something to grab me.

Well this one has grabbed me and taken hold.......

Dandelion Clocks

'Dandelion Clocks' it is called and I found it on a fabulous New Zealand (that's where I live) website that I didn't know existed. The site is The Inside and specialises in wallpapers, curtains and decals.

So after dutifully pinning it on my pinterest Art Deco board I rein in my excitement and start navigating the site to find other goodies and lo and behold....

Dandelion Clocks Fabric
....there is matching fabric!!!!!!!

I must have both. I would like to put the paper in our kitchen/lounge area but there aren't any walls that don't have windows/doors/cupboards etc. Now I am thinking the main bedroom would be better with a feature wall behind the bed and a chair upholstered in the fabric or at least a cushion.

Hmmmm....wonder what hubby will think?!

I am also eying up this cute wallpaper for my sons room...

......Although I am sure he would get his crayons and try and colour it in.

And of course I couldn't go past these gorgeouse decals for my daughter's room...

Little Red Riding Hood

You must go and check out the The Inside there is so much great stuff and they ship world wide.

I'm off to cook hubby a special 'I would like you to do more wallpapering even though you said you'd never do it again' dinner!!!


  1. That wallpaper is awesome, very angie lewin, who i LOVE. I will check out that website as EQC are finally coming to repair our house in a few weeks time and I can't wait to redecorate!

    1. I have also just found the same company on Trade Me. Just type in Wallpaper and search in Nelson and you will find them selling at slightly cheaper prices than their website. Happy redecorating!


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