31 July 2012

The Flamingos have landed!

I had to do it, I mean after all if you own an Art Deco house you must have a set of Pink Flamingos. Right?

Well my mother is appalled at the thought of me displaying to plastic birds in front of our house, we live in a small town and everybody knows the house and its new owners.

But I have always loved pink Flamingos and well most of my/our (yes hubby gets a say too) aesthetic is classic Art Deco but is does require a touch of Miami kitsch especially since we have two enormous palms in the front yard too.

But poor F1 & F2 (yes this is a Bananas in Pyjamas reference - sad but true) have to stay in their little courier box a bit longer as plans for the front garden have only just begun.

We are starting will widening the driveway - cars must have been much smaller back then or people were more careful drivers and then we are ripping out the bark garden to plant a more organised array of plants.

I am very excited that hubby has unearthed the original concrete edging to the garden by the entrance. It has taken a little bit of sweet talking aka a lot of nagging and yelling to convince him to keep it and lessen the width of the new driveway so I can keep by beloved outline in one piece.

So there are lots of exciting plans for the garden which I just have to keep in check until time permits, until the weather clears and warms up a little or until Miss 9 months decides to take decent (or any) daytime naps.

I will keep you posted and let you know when F1 & F2 find their new home...I think I (well hubby) will have to make them some concrete feet so they don't go walkies!

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