13 April 2012

Thomas the Tank Engine Cake

Today I was going to bring you a post about the amazing Thomas the Tank Engine cake I made for my son's 2nd birthday. I was going to be beaming with pride about how fabulous it was and how fantastic I was with my time management to decorate it while looking after 2 kids and unpacking a house .........well alas the Thomas cake is in the bin waiting to be collected.

Let me set the scene....Master soon to be 2 is ensconced in front of the Wiggles (they are my saviour), Miss 4 months happy in her bouncer, I decide it is safe to start icing the cake.

The cake is on its serving plate with scraps of wax paper tucked around its side as per Martha's instructions so I don't make a mess of the plate and I have finished the base layer of icing.

Miss 4 months suddenly has an explosion in her nappy which requires instant attention and while I am flapping around Master nearly 2 makes a break for it, he lunges at the wax paper and pulls, I also lunge at the cake as it is sliding off the bench.  Needless to say I am not the winner, the cake is in two pieces on the floor.

I could of glued it together with icing and started again but it was all too much for me and I had to resort to plan B....

A hurried trip to the supermarket for supplies and an hour later we have cake. A store bought 2 layer sponge I have filled with Jam and icing. I used chocolate icing around the edge and stuck chocolate fingers and chocolate swirls, used a disposable icing set to make green grass type stuff (!) on top and added a few pebbles and a #2 candle.

Not quite the Thomas masterpiece I had in mind but I am quite happy with it and lets face it a bunch of 2 year olds are just going to destroy it anyway!

After finishing the cake, getting the kids to be and cleaning up I realised it is Friday the 13th - perfect day for complicated cake making - NOT!

How has your Friday the 13th been?

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