20 January 2012

New Craft Project

I love starting new projects but I am not that good at finishing them! I shudder to think how many half finished craft projects are packed away in the many boxes of craft stuff I seem to have. I must amalgamate them in one spot and see what the damage really is - scary thought. Anyway I will think about that another day.

So I am going to stitch up my new cross stitch/tapestry design (refer yeasterday's post).

Here are all the bits I have gathered up to get started....
Ideally I should be using 14 count aida but I don't have any and I am too cheap to go and buy some - it is so expensive these days!

Also one of my other resolutions is to use the craft supplies I already have and not purchase too many more.

So I fossicked (spelling?) around and came up with three options...10 count tapestry canvas, 18 count waste canvas or 28 count evenweave. I like working with tapestry canvas but the design would be enormous and who can even see the holes in 28 count evenweave so the waste canvas option it is.

I am going to stitch it onto a blank white tea towel and either keep it as a tea towel (one I will never us of course!) or stretch it over a canvas. I would probably guess it will be the latter as I would have to get the design perfectly centred and straight to look good on the tea towel and I am too impatient to start stitching to bother with lining it up exactly.

I am going to provide a weekly photo and update probably on a Monday morning (when I am down to one child!) and you can see how fast I am progressing. This way I might see the project to the end and not get distracted by too many new ones.

I would be really intersted to know how many half finished craft projects you have lurking in your cupboards - is it just me or is it a common affliction? Do tell!!!

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