17 January 2012


Oliver is back to daycare tomorrow after 4 very long weeks off and I just remembered I am supposed to write a story about what he did over the holidays and add it to his book.

I love that they have a scrapbook of all that he gets up to at daycare...adventures in the sandpit and the little friends he plays with. Us parents are supposed to add stories from home now and again - this will be my second story!

Of course the topic of choice at the moment is his baby sister so I wrote about her.

I set it up in Corel one handed while rocking the 'topic' in her bassinet with the other hand - it is offically a non-sleeping day!

I had fun finding fonts and clip art and laying it out.

This definitely counts as the 'creative project of the day' so I am averaging something creative every other day at the moment! (refer last blog post for belated resolutions!)

Sadly it would never have gotten done had the deadline not been tomorrow - I work better under pressure!

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