16 October 2011

Christmas orders closing soon.....

I know I know you have barely begun to think about Christmas and here am I closing off orders for Christmas decorations!

I have an excuse though as I will be popping out baby number 2 at the end of November and I might be a wee bit busy not to mention sleep deprived to be making decorations. Or if I get a 'sleeper' this time I will keep them listed.

Last orders for all the felt Xmas decorations will be 1st November on both the Felt and Etsy sites.

This excludes the pdf patterns as I am sure I can manage to squeeze in some emails!

I am hurriedly stitching (with care and attention of course!) to stock pile the popular ones like the gingerbread men so get in quick!


  1. Hi.
    Hope all is going well and you are managing some rest time. Just letting you know, if you have time, I would still like to order a Christmas gingerbread house from you. Don't worry if things get to much, I totally understand. But if its Ok, then you'll just need to let me know how I can pay you etc.
    take care - and go the All Blacks! Jo


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