05 October 2011

2 reasons there is not much crafting or blogging happening...

Reason One:

I am enormous...

and it takes me all day just to do pick up Oliver's toys!

Reason Two:

I have a toddler who wants to be outside all the time...

I did finish my retro bambi long stitch kit and it is so cute....

It did also inspire me to make a bambi Christmas ornament...

I have also decided in a 'nesting fit' to replaster, wallpaper and paint half the rooms in our house before bubs arrives....that is a whole other blog post!


  1. Wow! But you look great. Hope you are managing some feet up time inbetween the 'nesting' frenzy! Hope you are well.

  2. You are so lovely... wish you the best...!!
    you are also very talented! Kisses from Greece!


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