12 February 2016

Faux Taxidermy Fox stitch-a-long: Part 2

The Cupcake Cutie Stitch-a-long continues. In Part 2 we are cutting out our fox.

Missed Part 1? Find it HERE

First up study your felt and see if it is double sided or single sided. Most felt has a good side and a lesser side so ensure it is good side up to begin with. NB if you have a good quality wool or blend it may be good on both sides so you don't need to worry.

Collect together all the pattern pieces to be cut out of what I call Cinnamon coloured felt. Play around with them until they fit on the felt piece snuggly so you are getting to most economical use out of your felt.

Pin the pieces in place.

Remember when you cut the second head piece to flip the pattern over so it is a mirror image. That way you will get 2 pieces of good sided felt for the face.

The same goes for the white neck piece...cut 1, flip the pattern and cut a second one.

I also like to add a pin to the top point of each piece so I know which is the correct way up when I go to sew it on.

Remember when cutting around each piece be careful to keep your scissors straight up and down so you don't cut the felt on an angle.

The ears are made up of 2 cinnamon and 2 light brown pieces and 2 white inner pieces which I failed to take a photo of!!!

Onto the eyes...cut out the first eye and pin the pupil in. If you do this straight away you won't be confused about which way up it goes.

Then flip the pattern and cut another eye.

 Don't forget the white eye detail. I find it easier to cut out the little white circles freehand.

Once you have all the pieces cut out just do a double check with the pattern pieces to make sure you have everything.

 Then they always go back into the zip loc bag so you don't loose any pieces until you are ready to sew...
OK so in part 3 we get to start sewing......Yay!




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