21 September 2015

Swans and Flamingos


Gosh it has been a busy few months in my creative world. If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram you will know how fortunate I have been to win my section of The Clever Creations Project in association with The Market NZ and Your Home and Garden Magazine.

So I am very excited to introduce Featherstone the Flamingo and Suzie the Swan!  They are big and beautiful and full of personality. Featherstone is a little cheeky, Suzie is sophisticated.

Featherstone and Suzie are available exclusively from The Market NZ and not from my online stores. I am of course still making each and everyone with many teeny tiny stitches.

These two birds then inspired me to ditch the hoops and to super size my other animal heads.

I love how they appear to be floating on the wall.

So far Gladys, Terence and Ronnie have been enlarged and of course......
....Ursula the Unicorn.

And because the creativity was well and truly flowing I decided I needed to design some swan and flamingo cushions (as you do!)

So introducing Fred the Flamingo cushion and Serena the Swan cushion...

.....made of felt and full of personality they are a fun addition to your decor. Designed for gentle cuddles only! It also got me thinking what if Fred and Serena got cosy what would their offspring look like.....hmmmmm little Swamingos perhaps?

Anyway all the animal heads and bird cushions are now available in my Etsy and Felt stores. Most are made to order but some are ready to ship.

And well I have also been doing a bit of weaving too (not enough for my liking!) and have opened another Etsy store just to indulge myself really, give me an excuse to make more and more wall hangings. It is so addictive and very relaxing.  My weaving instagram feed is here with a link to the shop.

And I promise I am going to add some step by steps of how to weave so you can get started too.
We are off on a road trip in a couple of weeks and I am going to take my mini loom and wool and camera and hopefully get some decent photos to help get you started.

Looking back this is only 2 months work (not including the many animal head orders that have also been made and sent). I feel like I don't get enough done every day but thinking about it now it is no wonder the bags and wrinkles under my eyes have their own postcode.....I have been very busy!

Now I should really go to bed.....but maybe a little instagram first!

Thanks for reading


  1. Wow! These are gorgeous! Gosh you are amazing at your craft - always love seeing what you've been up to. You have been so busy if this doesn't fully cover all of the 2 months!

    1. Thanks Leonie! Yes crazy busy and it's only going to get busier. It's wonderful to be living such a creative life, I just wish there were another couple of hours in the day so I could stay on top of the housework too! xx


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