23 March 2014

Faux Taxidermy: Felt Deer Head

My love of faux taxidermy continues with this wall size version of the deer....

I have a few orders already so I think he is going to be popular. I will try and get one in my Etsy store soon once I get on top of things which lets face it with a 2 year old and a 3 year old happens like never!!!


  1. Hi Kim, Just wanted to let you know I've been enjoying your posts and pics all about your lovely felt creatures and your amazing dolls house! What fun you must be having. I'm impressed at all your craftiness while having two little munchkins running around. Hope you are all well, cheers, Jo

  2. Thanks Jo! Yes the creativity is really flowing at the moment, the poor dolls house as been forgotten since people have discovered my taxidermy. I am experiencing a bit of Mothers guilt though as I having been putting orders first lately and the kids have been watching DVDs! Thanks for your lovely feedback, Kim.

  3. Bien joli bon apr├Ęs-midi Marie-Claire

  4. are you selling the pattern for this???? would loveeeee learning to make one of my own ((:

    1. Hi Lauren. It is actually a Patchlins pattern which I have decapitated so to speak and modified. It should work with most deer softie pattern, just use the head part of the pattern and then you might have to design your own neck piece which is what I did. Hope this helps! Thanks for reading, Kim


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