25 January 2014

2014 project: dolls house makeover

I am very excited to share my major project of the year.....the Dolls House Makeover.

I have been searching for a while to find the ideal makeover candidate and this one caught my eye....

Handmade of solid wood, not too big and a manageable amount of rooms to decorate.  It came complete with broken furniture, cobwebs and a fair amount of mouse poo...

....and a close up of the poo because I am sure you needed to see it!

Here is the front of the house...
I have great plans for my little house and I can't wait to share them with you. I am not planning on spending much money on the makeover, I really want to make use of all the bits and pieces I already have and op shop finds with maybe the odd splurge here and there!

If you would like to follow my dolls house makeover journey I will be posting quick updates on instagram @cupcakecutieone (#dollshousemakeover) and my facebook page and will also have a dedicated pinterest page.

I will of course have lots of photos and tutorials here on my blog to inspire you.

I will be sharing all the tricks and tips (and links) I can find and learn along the way and will be delving into my general dolls house pinterest page for inspiration.

I hope you can join me on my dolls house makeover journey, I can't wait to hear your feedback and advice....time to get started!


  1. can't wait to follow again with the progress!

  2. Hi, I am into Dollshouses to so I wil follow you also on instagram, good luck!!

  3. Une fois termine la maison va etre tres bell Marie-Claire


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