15 April 2013

Bunny Sweatshirt project finished!

I am trying really hard to finish some projects and it is not as hard as I thought. I have just finished stitching this gorgeous bunny on my daughter's size one sweatshirt....

...the pattern is of course from one of my favourite Ondori cross stitch books. Here she is close up...
I just used a piece of scrap waste canvas, pinned it in the middle and used an oval embroidery hoop to keep it in place...
......carefully counted to find the middle of the bunny pattern and started stitching. I just kept moving the hoop around to suit which part I was stitching until I was finished...
......then I removed the hoop and the fun began. You are supposed to immerse it all in water to release the waste canvas but it gets messy and yucky and sometimes colours run so I prefer just to remove it strand by strand. It takes a bit of care and patience but it is lots of fun too...
No I am seriously considering stitching one in my size!

Question is when are you too old to be wearing a cute picture on your sweater?


  1. Woooooooow this is nice i love it Marie-Claire

  2. this is seriously adorable. I think we are never too old to wear cute stuff on our clothes.

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